Create music with MusicLM, an AI that generates melodies and harmonies


Music is a universal language that allows us to express emotions and feelings that many times we cannot put into words. But what happens when we want to create music but don’t know how to play an instrument or have no composing skills? That’s where MusicLM comes in, an experimental tool that uses artificial intelligence to turn your ideas into music.

What is MusicLM?

MusicLM is an experimental text-to-music model that can generate unique songs based on your ideas or descriptions. This tool, created by Google, uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze the words and phrases you type at a prompt, such as “soulful jazz for dinner,” and create two unique songs based on that description. After listening to both songs, you can choose the one you like best and thus help improve the model.

How does MusicLM work?

MusicLM uses neural networks to analyze the text you provide and then turn it into music. To do this, the model is trained on a large amount of music and text data, allowing it to better understand what a song should sound like based on a specific description.

Once you’ve entered the description, MusicLM creates two versions of the song, which are different but based on the words and phrases you provided. These songs are created automatically, which means that there is no musician behind them, rather the model creates them using algorithms and machine learning.

How was MusicLM developed?

To develop MusicLM, Google has worked with musicians and artists to explore the creative possibilities of this tool. Some of the musicians who have participated in this project are Dan Deacon, who has worked with the Google team to improve the model, and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, who has created a piece of music using MusicLM as a base.

MusicLM AI

Google has held workshops and events so that musicians and artists can experiment with MusicLM and see how it can be used in their creative process. These workshops have been an opportunity for artists to give feedback on the model and help it improve.

What impact can MusicLM have?

MusicLM is an experimental tool, but it could have a huge impact on the way music is created and consumed. By using artificial intelligence to create music, new forms of expression can be explored and traditional barriers to music creation broken down.

On the other hand, MusicLM could be a useful tool for musicians who have difficulty composing or who are looking for inspiration. By using this tool, they can get new ideas and develop them into complete songs.

how to try it

To start using the tool, you have to enter and identify yourself with your email account so that they put you on the waiting list, being necessary to inform the country and the reason for which you want to have access.

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