How to use your phone as a Smart TV remote control

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If your television remote control has been lost or damaged, there is a very effective way that transforms any Android mobile or an iPhone with iOS into a remote control for your Smart TV, easily and quickly. 

Sometimes you may have lost or even damaged your TV remote, forcing you to buy a new one and spend some unforeseen money. 

This is a common situation that occurs frequently, but now, thanks to technology, it can be easily solved without any cost involved. If you have been left without your remote control for any reason, there is a trick that could get you out of trouble the easiest way.

And it is that although very few know and use it, most Smart TV models or smart televisions integrate a function that allows them to be controlled from the mobile phone, it does not matter if they are Android or iOS. They are the best alternative to universal remote controls, accessible to anyone, and totally free on top of that.

However, this can also be a big problem. The reason is that the main controller will still work, so it could conflict with certain apps. Especially if several users in the same environment try to use the same app to control the TV.

Of course, this can result in confusion, interference, and disputes over who is in charge. It is for this reason that it is advisable to use these apps only in emergency situations, when the TV remote has broken down or is lost.  

How to control your Smart TV using your mobile phone

Although some Android phones incorporate an infrared sensor that can theoretically control most compatible devices, many users have experienced difficulties in its operation.

In response to this problem, manufacturers have developed their own solutions to offer a better experience. In this way, if you have a Samsung Smart TV, you have at your disposal the SmartThings application available for iOS and Android, with which you can control the television, but also a wide range of devices connected to the same home WiFi network.

On the other hand, LG uses the webOS operating system on its televisions and its application is called LG ThinQ, it is available for Android and iOS. When you are connected to the same network it will be possible to use the mobile as a remote control with its app.

However, one of the best alternatives are available for smart TVs that are based on Android TV or Google TV. Brands like Sony, Philips, TCL or Hisense, to name a few, already come with Google ‘s operating system by default.

In this way, if your remote control has been lost or has stopped working, you simply have to download the Google Home application, which has a built-in function that transforms any Android or iOS mobile into a true and complete universal remote for TV.

These apps often offer features like changing channels, adjusting the volume, controlling playback features, accessing menus and settings, and in some cases even allowing you to search. Therefore, if your main remote for your Smart TV ever gets damaged, you already know that there are apps that can effectively replace the function.

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