Chrome for Android tests the new dark theme for sites and a new zoom: so you can activate its new functions

Google has begun to update the stable version of its Chrome browser for Android to version 96, and at the moment there is no important news visible to the user, except if we go to the experimental functions of the browser.

In Chrome 96 for Android, Google has added two new experimental features that allow us to test two important new features before they reach the world in the coming months. Google’s web browser is testing a new option for the dark theme for sites and a new zoom.

Dark theme for sites

If we enter Chrome: // flags from the navigation bar and activate the new experimental function # darken-websites-checkbox-in-themes-setting, after restarting the browser, we will find a new option that will be displayed when we activate the dark theme of our mobile device.

With Chrome’s dark theme activated we will see that websites are automatically displayed in a dark theme, where light backgrounds turn into black and dark gray so as not to disturb the eye, but this is not the only novelty about the dark theme for sites.

In the Chrome menu we will find the new Dark theme option, which allows us to deactivate the dark theme for the websites that we want to see with their light theme or original theme. In Settings> Site Settings> Dark theme for sites we can see and manage which websites we do not want to see in a dark theme.

New zoom

We already saw the second experimental function last month through Chrome Canary but from today we can also activate it from the stable version of Chrome. Activating from Chrome: // flags the experimental function # enable-accessibility-page-zoom we will see after restarting the browser that by clicking on the padlock icon in the address bar we can change the text and images of a website independently.

This zoom option has been available in its desktop version for years, and now in its mobile version it will also allow us to reduce up to 25% and enlarge each website up to 500% independently. Until now the accessibility settings only allowed us to expand the text for all websites and not independently as this function offers in tests.

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