Requirements needed before buying a Gaming PC

Gaming PC requirements
Gaming PC requirements

Every gamers should know the requirements needed before buying a gaming PC. More and more people, when buying or configuring a computer, want it to be capable of processing the best games on the market at high performance. This, of course, requires specific conditions, and many times an adequate investment so that, effectively, the “gaming” computer can work with solvency during long gaming sessions and, in addition, it can process the latest video games on the market in the best possible conditions.

The fever for “gaming” does not stop growing over the years, and the recent success of eSports and streamers, who compete or show their games, has made the public related to video games be every more and more heterogeneous and that, in addition, from the mainstream sectors of society there is an ever stronger commitment to this business. In fact, esports is one of the fastest growing industries right now, with many companies devoting their resources to advertising and even online sportsbooks. They offer this type of content to their customers. The virtue of these competitions, in fact, is that they can be held in the most varied circumstances and without the need to share a physical space between participants.

Video games are increasingly present in society, and that is why more and more players want a computer capable of processing video games that require a certain potential and, many times, that has the possibility of broadcasting games with quality .

These are the requirements needed before buying a gaming PC for best performance.


Currently we can find processors such as the Intel Core i5 on the market, which are at a good price and allow us to play with our computer without too many problems. Similar to this is the AMD Ryzen 5, which also offers very good value for money. Despite this, if we want to maximize the possibilities of the PC, we can opt for advanced processors such as the Ryzen 7 or the Intel Core i7. Both offer very good characteristics and, in fact, they are one of the most used by professional players. Obviously, the price is higher, but if you want to spend a lot of time gaming, they can be the ideal option for the consumer. Learn more about AMD vs intel

Graphic card

NVIDIA graphics cards are the most successful in the market, and it is that they offer a very good quality to gamers. The GTX 16 and RTX 20 models are the most popular and the ones that will offer the best performance to the computer. Thus, the games will look in a better way and each and every one of its details will be perceived.


To be able to play in good conditions, the ideal is to leave a space of up to 8GB for video games. That is why it is advisable to have a RAM of up to 16GB, if not more (even reaching 32GB if possible). In this type of case, it is also advisable to purchase a ventilation system so that the system does not overheat.


SSD systems are best suited for booting the system very quickly and games ready in the blink of an eye. 256 GB models are usually enough to have all the video games installed on the computer ready, although reaching 1TB may be adequate if we want to have other data stored on the PC, such as images or videos that we make during the games.

Monitor, keyboard and mouse

More and more gadgets are available on the market exclusively for gaming, in order to make it as comfortable and simple as possible for gamers. On the one hand, the resolution of a screen has to be FULL HD or 4K, in order to reach the highest pixel rates that video games can offer us. As for keyboards, those that incorporate backlighting are increasingly popular, so that the keys are easily identified by the player; In addition, many keyboards also include the softkey feature to make commands easier to perform. Finally, mice require good resolution for movements to be accurately captured by the system. How could it be otherwise,

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