The ‘Nintendo Switch Pro’ with OLED screen and 4K support will arrive in September

Rumors about the new Nintendo Switch Pro, a gaming console are accumulating, and now it is Bloomberg who anticipates that the presentation of this console is imminent and could occur before E3 that begins on June 12.

The data also reveals that Nintendo will begin production in July, and it will be in September when the ‘Nintendo Switch Pro’ will go on sale. Its 7-inch OLED screen, its 4K output support and an NVIDIA chip will be your assets to succeed especially at Christmas time.

OLED screen and 4K output to beat the next-gen

Nintendo has not confirmed the existence of this console nor is it known what its official name will be, but the truth is that rumors about its development have been going on for months.

The changes with respect to the current models affect in the first place its internal hardware, where we will see according to the indications a new NVIDIA chip with a new ‘Ada Lovelace’ graphic architecture.

Nintendo Switch Pro and its Joy-Con game console controller
Nintendo Switch Pro

That chip will be the main responsible for one of the most striking options of the console: the possibility of supporting TVs and monitors with 4K resolution, thus achieving optimal scaling of current games on these screens. NVIDIA’s DLSS technology could also be involved in that support.

That will be a real plus for a console that will also gain integers on its own screen, which will make the transition to the striking OLED technology that could also have an impact on a greater autonomy of its battery when using it as a portable console.

Bloomberg data reveals that the presentation of this console is imminent and could occur before the start of the next E3 fair that starts on June 12, 2021.

The production of the console will begin in July according to the same data, although mass manufacturing will take a little longer and that rate will not be achieved until the last quarter of the year.

Vendors seem confident that the chip shortage will not jeopardize those plans, but here it seems best to be conservative: expect that getting that console will be difficult during its first weeks or even months of life.

What is clear in Bloomberg is that the hypothetical ‘Nintendo Switch Pro’ will hit stores in the month of September. The price at which the new console will be sold is unknown, but the data points to a higher price than the $ 299 for the original Nintendo Switch.

Via | Bloomberg

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