Google Stadia now allows us to play games on cloud for free

Google Stadia has closed it’s physical stores and now allows you to play games on cloud for free. The launch of Google Stadia was not one, but two: together with the video game streaming service, Stadia Games and Entertainment was presented, an internal development studio that intended to create its own titles (‘ first party ‘) under the direction of Jade Raymond.

That study is now closed. Google has announced on the official Stadia blog that it is abandoning its own video game production and will focus entirely on its cloud service.

Google Stadia will do what it does well

The company created its first studio in Montreal in 2019 and acquired developer Typhoon Studios (‘ Journey to the Savage Planet ‘). In March 2020 he opened a new studio in Los Angeles, but less than a year later he has decided to close both studios.

Google stadia

The turning point seems to have been marked by the release of ‘Cyberpunk 2077‘, which has shown that these platforms make sense to many gamers. Although having your own titles is interesting (Sony and its exclusive strategy proves it), Google seems to be clear that at least that part does not compensate. Google recommend you to play games on cloud.

Phil Harrison, who will remain in charge of this company (Raymond is leaving) explained that “creating great games from scratch takes several years and a significant investment, and the cost is rising exponentially.” The progress of that own production had been in question for months, and this decision seems logical in view of the events.

The head of Stadia stressed that the company will dedicate itself to promoting its streaming technology, but will also “deepen” its business collaborations. In his words, getting developers and third parties to offer their games on Stadia – with 400 titles on the way – is “the best way” to turn Stadia into a sustainable business in the long term.

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