Apple is not done with iOS 14 yet and has iOS 14.8 in the bedroom

Taking iOS for granted in the world of Apple . Because the company can surprise us to the minimum and with anything, such as the fact that it is still working on iOS 14 when iOS 15 is just around the corner. And there is evidence that Apple prepares iOS 14.8 as the next release.

iOS 14.8 on the way with an iOS 15 lurking

In the top tweet , developer Brendan Shanks places a screenshot showing the different operating systems available for an iPhone. Made in beta 4 of Xcode 13, it shows how a new row has been added for an iPhone running iOS 14.8 that was not there before.

From MacRumors they point to their own analytics to add more evidence. Records have found devices carrying iOS 14.8 as an operating system .

A version that at the moment is not public, not even in beta and that implies that Apple’s own workers already have it (and visit Apple rumor websites).When iOS 15 came out, we learned that Apple will allow iPhones to stay on iOS 14 if they so choose.

Although there seems to be no apparent reason , it is possible that this version of iOS 14.8 will be released at the same time or later than iOS 15. Which is not far-fetched given Apple’s development timelines.

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