How to play Starfield on Android or iOS


We tell you the simple way to play Starfield from your Android and iOS mobile devices.

In Starfield we have so much to explore that it is not unreasonable to think that we would want to play from anywhere through our mobile devices. The question is: can this be done? Luckily yes, although we will have to meet a series of very complete requirements. Therefore, in the following guide, we tell you all the details about it so that you can prepare your phone.

How to play Starfield from your phone

In order to play Starfield from our mobile phone or any other mobile device we must be subscribed to the Xbox Games Pass Ultimate service. It is this highest subscription service that will allow us to play our games using the cloud, that is, Xbox Cloud Gaming. We are talking about the model that costs 14.99 euros. It doesn’t matter if we are using iOS or Android, but if it is with the first we have to access it from the website and with the second from the Game Pass application itself.

As additions, it would be important to take into account that the device we use is compatible (almost any nowadays is), that the Internet speed is stable and sufficient to be able to use the service efficiently and have a remote control. to be able to play comfortably, although there are touch controls.


On the other hand, we have to keep in mind that our Android version has to be at least Android 6 to be able to download the application, which is more than simple, since a mid-range mobile phone is already using 12. One Once inside, we just have to look for the game that interests us in the “Cloud” section, in this case it would be Starfield, and that’s it, enjoy. I don’t think we will have any problems, since the game will be running from the app’s servers and not from our own phone.

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