TimeChi, the gadget to stop procrastinating

Are you very distracted while working or studying? TimeChi helps you combat procrastination in a simple and fun way.

The Procrastination is the great enemy of productivity, and is even more powerful since it has increased telecommuting and non -contact classes, where distractions and temptations increase.

Even the most disciplined workers have problems. When we are working or studying, we suffer an average of 56 interruptions per day: emails, WhatsApp messages, notifications… And this problem is aggravated by teleworking, since we are also interrupted by family members, pets, ringing bells…

Interruptions lead us to lose concentration and become distracted, that is, to procrastinate. To combat this, the gadget called TimeChi, the great enemy of Procrastination, has been created. You can see it in this video:

TimeChi aims to combat interruptions that greatly reduce productivity, because most people need up to 11 minutes to regain focus. And if we are interrupted 56 times a day, the loss of time is enormous.

TimeChi uses a concentration technique that is a mixture of the classic Pomodoro technique, and another called timeboxing.

When we touch the huge TimeChi button, which is connected to our mobile through an app, the first thing it does is disconnect all notifications from the apps that we indicate: social networks, mail, web pages, etc.


Then activate a concentration mode that lasts 25 minutes. It’s about working without distractions during that time, and then taking a 5 minute break. After several of these cycles, he proposes a longer rest. These terms can be shortened to lengthen as much as we want.

TimeChi helps you focus, but also reduces distractions from people around you. When it is in concentration mode it shows a red circle, so if someone approaches it, they see the circle and they know that they do not have to bother you. A countdown tells him how long until your 5 minute break, where you can talk to him.

Several scientists have approved the gadget, so it seems effective in trying to combat procrastination.

If you are interested, it is for sale on Indigogo at a price of $138. 

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