YouTube is testing a tool capable of translating video titles and descriptions automatically

Google is testing a new tool with which the titles of the videos would be translated from their original language to the language of the person who is browsing YouTube, in order to facilitate navigation.

YouTube was born in 2005 and since then it has been changing, adapting and evolving to always be up to date. Throughout these years, different functionalities have arrived, some better and others worse, but all always with the intention of facilitating the use of this content platform.

YouTube video title translation

A couple of days ago the news came out that YouTube was testing a new way of viewing comments, something more similar to what is done in SoundCloud and, today, a news that refers to a functionality that would allow browsing more comfortably by the platform.

It is not a feature in terms of design or the way to interact with YouTube, it refers to the language. And, is that, on YouTube there is content in several languages. So what Google wants is to facilitate navigation between content in different languages.

What the tool would do is basically an automatic translation of the titles and descriptions of the videos, so the user will move between the videos reading in the language they master, which is usually the default on the smartphone. Although later the contents will not be in that language, but YouTube will notify of this with a claim in which it indicates the original language.

Despite having several languages ​​in the YouTube application, this functionality only works from English to Spanish and Portuguese. That is, the videos with English titles become in Spanish so that we know the type of content that awaits us when we click, but the videos with Spanish titles do not become in English.

This feature is still being tested and seems to be on the right track, it is possible that more languages ​​will be implemented in the future. If from now on you see videos of content creators from the United States in which the title is in Spanish, do not be surprised because it is a YouTube thing.

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