YouTube test tool that verifies copyright before publishing

Now one can check copyright infringement before publishing video with YouTube test tool. According to a report by XDA Developers, YouTube is working on a tool that verifies copyright violations during the uploading of videos, before they are published.

Both YouTube, as well as the owners of the copyrights of videos, including the owners of the music used in them, actively control them in search of their content.

YouTube copyright check

When the content owners or YouTube find something, the service notifies the user who uploaded the video about the violation,

All of the above happens after the video is published, which creates several problems for the user who uploads the video.

The consequences of publishing videos that are copyrighted by other people can vary and the penalties imposed by the service can range from a simple notice that the user will not obtain advertising revenue on the video, through blocking the video, to consequences much more serious.

YouTube Test Tool

YouTube Test Tool, YouTube copyright check

If this tool they are testing is launched (for now only on the desktop), YouTube will notify the user before publishing the video, which offers them the opportunity to correct their mistake or if they know that they are violating rights author, think again before publishing it and suffer the consequences.

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