PlayStation applied for a patent for its online tournament system before EVO 2021. Will we see them on PS5?

The system can easily create and organize tournaments directly from platforms such as PlayStation Network.

It has been 4 months since PlayStation purchased EVO. Sony’s video game division hosted the world’s largest fighting game competition in March, and it looks like they are ready to take advantage of this acquisition. New information appeared this week.

Playstation patent

The PlayStation patent focuses on creating online tournaments on its platform, presumably to implement it in the PlayStation 5 ecosystem. Especially Sony Interactive Entertainment (PlayStation)’s “Online Tournament Integration” patent was announced on March 21 this year. Three days after the announcement of the acquisition of EVO, the company announced as a continuation of another entry starting in 2018.

A large number of games are hosted on a video game platform, and each game is associated with at least one tournament.” They may belong to the PlayStation Network.

In other words, it is a system that allows player groups, studios, businesses, and any other organization to organize online game tournaments through PlayStation. The patent mentions that tournament organizers can send invitations to players based on various criteria (such as ratings), consider the route of the tournament, and display personalized tournament information to the joining audience.

This patent is consistent with your other two similar patents in recent months. Connected to a system that allows spectators to control live cameras in future matches, and the other is connected to a real-time betting system for e-sports.

As always, we remember that filing a patent does not mean it will be used. In many cases, this is an innovation or invention movement, but they are usually also a good indicator of what each company is preparing. With the latest PlayStation patent, it is clear that Sony hopes to grow and develop in the field of e-sports through the acquisition of EVO.

If you like competition, we remind you that EVO 2021 will start on August 6. In 3DJuegos, you can already read the complete analysis of Guilty Gear STRIVE and all the information about fighting games so far. Judging from last week’s PlayStation news, this is a timetable for our games in July.

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