Windows 10 adding new disk manager features

Microsoft adding new disk manager features to it’s latest update of windows 10. Microsoft is working on a new disk manager for Windows 10. That will be released at a next update, and unlike that it already exists, will have a much simpler and friendly design. And it is compatible for both traditional and tactile devices. Thanks to the Windows 10 Disc Manager, we can expose in the same window all the discs we have available with a multitude of options that range from partitions, format it or change the letters, among other things.

Well, Microsoft is preparing a new disk manager for Windows 10, more easily accessible to the user and with a much more friendly design, which will allow us to do all the above from a simpler way. A future update for Windows 10 will create a new disc manager but on this occasion through the main setup menu to make it more easily accessible. As we have commented, it is not a new shortcut, but a new application that will live with the original, at least until new notice.

In Windows 10 Build 20197 Disc administration will be available in configuration and the tool will be completely rewritten. We will be able to access this new disk management tool in “Settings”, then to “System”, then “Storage” and finally “Disk Management and Volumes”. The option is prepared both to manage it at a mouse hit and tactile. At the moment this new disk manager for Windows 10 is in preparation, and therefore many advanced functions are still lacking that if they are in the original disc administrator. At the moment we will have to wait for this new Windows 10 record administrator to end up reaching the stable version in future updates. The presence of the new disk manager will allow us to interact much easier with all the discs and partitions that we have, without the need to rummage this option too much within Windows 10 options with what is a little more exposed for those less experienced users that require, for example,

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