Microsoft launched new drawing application

Microsoft launched new drawing application SketchPal. SketchPal is an application for creating and editing drawings developed by the Microsoft Garage division.

This application for Windows 10, as well explained by Microsoft, provides a modern inking experience, combining classic features such as brushes and layers, as well as the introduction of new tools such as color assist, stroke cleaning tools and a reference view.
Microsoft Garage developed SketchPal based on the fast and smooth Windows inking experience for must-have features like low latency and sharp vector ink rendering. Microsoft launched new drawing application SketchPal for drawing program solution.

SketchPal offers a simple interface and is optimized for touchscreens to take advantage of the strengths of Windows 10, including Surface devices such as tilt support, dial integration, low Surface Pen latency, multi-screen support, and more.

With the press of a single button, after starting a sketch, they can continue without problems on another device and / or another painting program, including Photoshop, since it allows you to export files in .psd format.

Advanced inking features include brush creation, stroke bonding, vector boundary detection, and cleaning of art lines and layers.

SketchPal allows you to add a reference image to the side or below to help with the drawing that the user wants to create.

If you want to try this application, you can download it from the Microsoft Store.

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