WhatsApp Web Video call will be rolled out in Windows 10

WhatsApp Web Video call will be rolled out in Windows 10 desktop version. WhatsApp has begun to make available to some users of its desktop app for Windows 10 (downloadable on its official website or from the Microsoft Store ) a beta version of the audio and video calls that we have been using for some time in the mobile version.

The imminent implementation of this functionality had already been published in October, but now, finally, some users are beginning to announce the sudden appearance of it on social networks.

For now, all these users have in common having version 2.2100.7 of the WhatsApp application for Windows 10, although not everyone who uses it can access this functionality.

Those who do have been able to see how two new icons appeared on their interface: one for voice calls and the other for video calls, with the pertinent warning that we are facing a function that is still being tested.

This is what the new WhatsApp Web Video Call Desktop looks like

WhatsApp web video call

For these users, the WhatsApp application toolbar now looks like this:

And a floating window allows us to accept or reject the call, or end it while we participate in it:

The captures uploaded so far to the networks show how the frames of the video calls are shown in a horizontal position when they are carried out from a PC, in contrast to those from mobiles:

If you don’t have this feature yet, don’t worry: it’s just a matter of time (although the company hasn’t specified deadlines for now) and it will end up being activated for all users.

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