Apple Watch Series 6, the best smartwatch to buy

Apple Watch Series 6
Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 improves on what the Series 5 already did well and shows how Apple has no competition in the smartwatch ecosystem.

When Apple launched the first Apple Watch in 2015, it was extremely difficult to conceive of the impact it has had on the world. Not only has it become the most popular and important smartwatch, it has made them the largest watchmaker company in the world.  The strategy wearables of Apple is very interesting because it is “silent”. While the industry continues to look to smartphones as the spearhead of technological innovation, the Apple Watch has innovated so much that it simply has no real competition.

Yes, some components present in the Apple smartwatch are also in competing devices. But – by far – no other company has managed to integrate it all into one product with the same level of design, software capabilities, durability, speed, utility, and simplification.  It is important to note that Apple Watch Series 6 is an iterative update over the Series 5 , but under the lens of everything described above, it is extremely interesting what the device development team has achieved this year.

Blood Oxygen Sensor

One of the important novelties of this new Apple Watch is the ability to measure oxygen in the blood. It is carried out by means of a new sensor composed of four LED sets and four photodiodes integrated in the back glass of the watch. 

It is accompanied by a new app. It operates in a similar way to the electrocardiogram. After starting it, you have to leave your arm at rest for 15 seconds and it offers the measurement result.

The blood oxygen sensor on the Apple Watch Series 6 should not be considered a medical test, nor is it designed for diagnostic purposes. In fact, the company has explained that the new function is there for users to better understand their physical state and well-being.

That said: insufficient oxygen in the blood and changes in heart rate have been linked to early signs of COVID-19 infection . Also with signs of stress, so the sensor is definitely welcome.

In this sense, according to company statements, they are working with researchers from the Seattle Flu Study of the Brotman Baty Institute for Precision Medicine and the University of Washington School of Medicine to determine if the heart rate and oxygen signals in the Apple Watch, they can facilitate early detection of diseases such as COVID-19.

They are also working with researchers at the Ted Rogers Center for Heart Research and the Peter Munk Heart Center , one of North America’s largest health research organizations, to study how blood oxygen measurements and other data can be obtained with The smartwatch can help people with heart problems.

Better battery, more efficient and faster charging

The Apple Watch Series 6 has a slightly larger battery, but especially the S6, its new system on a package is more efficient, consumes and consumes less energy, like the screen. 

The Series 6 does not have “fast charging”, but it does charge 20% faster. From 0% to 80% in 1 hour and from 0 to 100% in an hour and a half. It’s especially useful now that WatchOS 7 can record and track sleep quality, which requires you to have it on.

Apple recommends charging before sleeping or while bathing. Faster charging comes in handy for that. 

A charger does not come in the box, but a charging cable does come. I think it’s a good decision, considering the huge number of chargers with USB-A ports in the house. 

Apple Watch Series 6: Better display

The screen is 2.5 times brighter than the Apple Watch Series 5 and it shows. Especially if you test both devices side by side. For those who upgrade, they will notice, those who are new to the device not immediately.

The brighter screen will come in handy when using the watch in direct sunlight during times of bright light, such as summer or at the beach.

More speed

As is customary with each update, the Apple Watch Series 6 is faster than previous generations. I believe that speed is key in devices that must be able to provide information that must be consulted with a small glance at the screen of one or two seconds.

The Series 6 in that sense offers improvements. It is not very significant, it is increasing, but always welcome. In my first tests I detected that going from one app to another, opening them, closing them or accessing some complications is decidedly faster than before. 

Watch 7 is also responsible for the increase in speed because this new version of the operating system has made the transitions shorter and you definitely feel the difference. 

I understand the engineering challenge behind making such a small device faster and faster. It is surprising how Apple meets that maxim each year.

Apple Watch Series 6
Apple Watch Series 6

With previous generations, I also noticed more slowness in apps that depend on the Internet connection or Bluetooth to display information. In theory that will improve with the Series 6 because finally! use a faster Wi-Fi connection – 5 GHz vs. 2.4 GHz before, if we speak in technical terms. I will delve into this aspect in my in-depth analysis. 

Apple Watch Series 6: Market leader

My first impressions of the Apple Watch Series 6 cement my belief that Apple is years ahead of the competition in the world of smartwatches.

There are other improvements that I do not delve into in my first impressions and that I will observe in my review, such as the always-on altimeter, improvements in the calculation for outdoor walk-type workouts, and dozens of improvements over WatchOS 7 .  But those who have never owned a smartwatch and are looking for a signal to get on the train , this year seems like a very good time to do so.

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