What is Qi 2.0 and what are its new features

Qi 2 wireless charger
  • After several years with the Qi wireless charging standard, it was time to evolve, take a step forward and introduce an improved version that promises a revolution in this type of charging that has a lot of Apple’s MagSafe technology.
  • The Qi 2 standard has already been launched, but if you still don’t know its advantages, it’s time to know in depth what it is and what’s new.

Wireless charging, a trend that is gaining momentum every day, is marking a revolution in the way we interact with devices, especially smartphones.

Many of them already incorporate this technology, allowing users to charge their devices simply by placing them on a compatible platform. This change represents a huge convenience for consumers, eliminating the need to deal with cables that get tangled and take up space.

The arrival of the original Qi standard in 2008 ushered in the era of wireless charging. Although minor improvements have been made, the latest leap comes with Qi2, the next generation of this revolutionary standard, which promises not only improved efficiency but also greater compatibility with a variety of devices, which could expand its reach beyond the mobiles.

That is why it is time to know what Qi2 really is, what its advantages are, when it will arrive or even what devices will be compatible with this novelty. 

  •  What exactly is Qi2?
  • These are the improvements that will come with Qi2
  • Availability of this technology and compatibilities

What exactly is Qi2?

Qi2 represents the evolution of the original Qi wireless charging standard. It is the answer to today’s demand for efficiency and versatility.

At its core, Qi2 is still a wireless charging standard, but is differentiated by its innovative use of magnets, specifically a magnetic power profile. This feature is very important because it allows wireless chargers to connect directly to the back of mobile phones.

Here, the connection becomes more secure and efficient, eliminating the need to find the “sweet spot” of alignment between the charger and the device.

This change is more than just a convenience. Not only does it simplify the charging process, but it also has the potential to trigger an increase in the availability of wireless charging. 

The introduction of magnets in Qi2 opens the door to “new accessories that could not be charged with current flat-surface-to-flat-surface devices,” according to the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), the body behind this standard.

These are the improvements that will come with Qi2

1. Impressive speed

The most notable and tangible aspect of Qi2 magnetic charging is its speed. With the ability to charge up to 15W, it surpasses its predecessor, Qi, which ranges from 5 to 15W. The extra power translates directly into faster charging for our devices. 

Qi 2.0 wireless charger
Qi 2.0

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. The ingenious incorporation of magnets ensures precise alignment of the charging coils, improving efficiency and reducing heat generation.

2. Prioritizing security

Qi2 focuses on optimizing energy efficiency, reducing charging times and protecting the battery life of devices. Improved foreign object detection is a key feature, ensuring only Qi2 certified devices receive charging. This minimizes the risk of accidents or damage, offering a safer charging experience.

3. Wide compatibility

Initially, Qi2 will be available for the iPhone 15 and other MagSafe compatible devices. Additionally, Android device manufacturers are expected to integrate this technology into their future products.

4. Future-oriented innovation

Qi2 not only improves charging, but also opens the doors to new product innovation. The magnetic lock feature provides support for different forms of devices, such as AR/VR headsets , and makes it easy to create accessories that magnetically attach to the back of the phone, such as extra batteries.

5. Commitment to sustainability

Qi 2 wireless charger
Qi 2

In addition to its performance benefits, Qi2 also addresses environmental concerns. Wireless charging eliminates the mechanical stress associated with the daily plugging and unplugging of conventional charging cables, thereby reducing wear and tear and preventing them from becoming waste in landfills.

Availability of this technology and compatibilities

During the IFA 2023 event, the renowned brand Anker announced a range of Qi2-compatible products, from wireless chargers to power banks and magnetic pads. 

These products, under the MagGo brand, support ultra-fast 15W magnetic wireless charging via the Qi2 standard, establishing themselves as the first to market fully compatible with this emerging standard.

Apple, a prominent player in the technology world, is also joining the game. The Cupertino company has confirmed that the next iPhone 15 series will be compatible with Qi2, thus integrating this technology into its ecosystem.

Although the availability of Qi2-compatible smartphones and chargers is expected in late 2023, information on which specific devices will incorporate this technology remains a mystery

Over time, more leading manufacturers such as Samsung, Oppo and Google are likely to adopt Qi2 in their future devices. The industry is in a transition phase, and details on compatibility will become clearer as manufacturers reveal their plans during the development stage.

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