Legal ways to download free movies

download free movies

If you want to know how you can download movies for free and totally legal, you should continue reading this article.

For all movie lovers, the fact of having places where movies can be downloaded without falling into any type of illegality can be something really interesting.

There are several websites that can help us to have many movies on the computer and not feel like “criminals”, since they will be free and without any type of rights charge.

Perfectly, you could use platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, but the downside is that you have to pay a subscription and your economy may not allow it at the moment.

Do not worry, since, as we have been telling you in this article, you will be able to enjoy great free movies. 

Films at the Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a website where we have thousands of royalty-free movies that we can download or watch via streaming and all of this in a totally legal way.

You can find true masterpieces of the seventh art, since there will be several films that we can consider emblematic.

Some of the films that we will be able to enjoy are The 39 Steps by Alfred Hitchcock, Frankenstein by Thomas Edison, several films by Charles Chaplin, science fiction gems like Metropolis, documentaries like Fidel or animated films like Donald Duck.

In its catalog there are more than 9 million video files, so we can always find something to watch.

Why is it legal?

It’s legal because the movies, documentaries, or shorts you see on the Internet Archive have been donated by their creators or by those who own the rights to those works. In other cases, they are films that do not have this type of rights and are in the public domain.

The public domain is achieved when copyrights expire, which are usually between 50 and 70 years, depending on the country where we are from.

This is something that does not occur in all cases, since there are works in which the heirs have considered extending their rights to 100 years.

Other options

There are other options that we can take advantage of to get movies for free and that are also legal.

The best options are the following:

  • Open Culture : it has multiple movies in HD that we can download for free. In addition to movies, we have access to other types of legal content to take advantage of on the Internet, such as language courses or other types of content. It has advertising, although it is not excessive.
  • eFilm : it is a platform in which we need to be a user, but in which we are going to find 30,000 different titles and all of them are free to enjoy. There will be Spanish and European cinema, as well as some series and documentaries.
  • Cine Libre Online : it is a blog where we will find classic films such as Buster Keaton’s “The General’s Machinist”, “The Bicycle Thief”, “Nosferatu”, “Rashomon” or “The Wizard of Oz”.
  • Movies Found Online : a great website to watch movies online for free, getting to be able to download quite a few of them. We will find some films and shorts free of rights or of independent creation. The problem is that it has a lot of publicity.

As you have been able to read, all movie lovers can enjoy it, thanks to the Internet and the websites where it allows us to download those movies that we like the most .

We can enjoy and download movies completely legally and for free. Now you must be the one to decide which of the options you have seen is the one you like the most.

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