What are Google .new domains and how you can use them to do unique things

Google .new domains has made easier to remember sites. Google wants to make life easier for us, also when we surf the Internet. For this, it has designed the .new domains, one of its most useful projects for users recently launched by the company.

If you do not have a prodigious memory, it is normal that you do not remember the URL of every web page you visit. This is where these Google .new domains appear, shortcuts that will take you directly to the website even if you don’t know their real address.

This is the most basic explanation of how these shortcuts created by Google work, but there is much more .

In this guide, we tell you what Google .new domains are, their usefulness and the complete list of shortcuts that you can use to go directly to a web page.

What are Google .new domains and how useful are they?

Google .new domains are shortcuts that take you directly to different web page actions even if you don’t know the exact URL. This way, you won’t have to remember the addresses of all the pages you use every day.

To better understand how .new domains work, it is necessary to give an example. If you want to open a new Google document , you just have to search for “docs.new”; or if you want to create a new playlist on Spotify, enter the URL “playlist.new”.

In this way, .new shortcuts work as shortcuts to certain web page functions, helping you save all the time that the intermediate steps take from when you open the browser until you reach your destination.

It doesn’t matter if you use your mobile or computer browser, Google .new domains are now available on all platforms.

Complete list of Google .new domains shortcuts

The Google .new domains shortcuts began to work in 2019 with a small list of domains related mainly to services of the American company, such as Documents or Google Sites. In fact, we knew them as a trick to create calendar events faster .

Since its launch, more and more platforms have joined Google’s initiative , and it is now possible to directly access web pages from Adobe, Spotify , Medium, Microsoft, Github and much more with these .new shortcuts.

Next, we leave you with the complete list of .new shortcuts divided by useful categories.

Business services

  • Sign.new : to fill out and sign documents and forms in PDF format with Adobe Acrobat.
  • Compresspdf.new : opens a new page where you can compress PDF documents by simply dragging and dropping them.
  • Ad.new : to create a new ad with click and impression tracking by AdPlugg.
  • Ads.new / Adzily.new – Open an Adzily page to create a new campaign that reaches millions of users around the world.
  • Track.new : to track orders with various delivery companies.
  • Roadmap.new – Opens a page to start building a new roadmap for your business with Aha.
  • Afclaim.new – Opens a new American Fidelity insurance claim sheet.
  • Afreimburse.new : to request a refund from your American Fidelity account.
  • Bewirtung.new / bewirtungsbeleg.new : to submit your invoices through Bewirtungsbeleg.
  • Bill.new : to create and send invoices to your clients with Bill.com . * Inv.new : open a new invoice for your business on Bill.com.
  • Inbox.new : to pay national and international sellers with Bill.com.
  • Buffer.new : organize and schedule your social media posts.
  • Burner.new / number.new / phonenumber.new – Start creating a second personal phone number with Burner.
  • Bpmn.new / dmn.new : to create BPMN and DMN files for your business.
  • Vps.new – To customize and deploy virtual servers on Charter Host.
  • Landingpage.new : Using ConvertKit, you can create a landing page for your business.
  • Creditcard.new – Start designing a new credit card with Discover Card.
  • Duda.new : start creating and customizing a website for your business.
  • Sell.new – Create a new listing to sell on eBay.
  • Job.new / jobs.new : to post a new job opening on FindJobs.
  • Websitebuilder.new : create a new website for your business with GoDaddy.
  • Emailsignature.new – Create a professional email signature in seconds with HoneyBook.
  • Company.new : to incorporate a Hong Kong limited company.
  • Ip.new – Submit content to InspirationalPeople.org .
  • Digiposte.new : upload documents to your Digiposte account.
  • Teams.new – to open a new conversation in Microsoft Teams.
  • Server.new : configure a custom server for your project.
  • Businesscard.new – Design personalized business cards with Namecheap.
  • Review.new – Review a business with NiceJob.
  • Re.new : to set friendlier replies to your email.
  • Contacts.new / Leads.new – Create new contacts by scanning business cards.
  • Cdp.new : create a new workspace in Segment.
  • Shopify.new : takes you to the creation of a new online store in Shopify.
  • Agreement.new – Create trade agreements with the help of default templates.
  • Invoice.new / invoices.new – Open a new invoice in Stripe.
  • Payment.new / payments.new – Send and accept payments with Stripe.
  • Product.new : Add a new offer to your product catalog in Stripe.
  • Subscription.new / subscriptions.new – Create new subscription accounts for your customers with Stripe.
  • Surveymonkey.new – Create a new survey with Surveymonkey.
  • Ghs.new / sds.new – Create an SDS document.
  • Fund.new : opens the design of a new investment fund with Vauban.
  • Corvid.new / wix.new – Opens a new web page in Wix.
  • Hire.new / hires.new – Create a job posting with ZipRecruiter.

Creativity apps

  • Create.new / spark.new / stories.new – Create social media posts with Adobe Spark with Google .new domains.
  • Jpgtopdf.new : Change the format of an image from JPG to PDF with Adobe Acrobat.
  • Logo.new : create a new logo for your business with Adobe Spark.
  • Convertpdf.new / pdf.new / wordtopdf.new – Convert a Word file to PDF.
  • Photo.new / Photoshop.new : Open an image editing in Adobe Photoshop online.
  • Episode.new / podcast.new : Open Spotify Anchor to record a new podcast.
  • Befunky.new – Takes you to BeFunky, a website for editing images.
  • Collage.new – Join multiple photos into a collage with BeFunky.
  • Canva.new / design.new : create a new Canva with your team.
  • Poster.new – Create a new poster in Canva with your team.
  • Facet.new : edit images using Facet.
  • File.new : open a quick note edit to send to your friends.
  • Score.new : open an online editor to write music.
  • Flipbook.new : convert PDFs into phyloscopes.
  • Travel.new – Create a travel inspiration chart with Hipherd.
  • Image.new : edit photos online with Image Editor.
  • Knit.new / Wear.new – Create a custom clothing design with Kniterate.
  • Webstory.new : create a new Story using MakeStories.
  • Medium.new / story.new – Create a new story on Medium.
  • Stream.new : upload and edit your video online with Mux.
  • Mybrand.new : create a new logo for your business or brand.
  • Logomaker.new : design your business logo with Namecheap.
  • Cad.new : open a new design with CAD:
  • Favicon.new : generate a new favicon for your website.
  • Playlist.new : open a new playlist on Spotify.
  • Recording.new : edit your video online.
  • Chord.new / chords.new / tab.new / tabs.new – Add a new tab to the Ultimate Guitar archive.


  • Agenda.new : create a new agenda with AgendaHero.
  • Asana.new / task.new – Add a new task to your Asana project.
  • Post.new : create a new post on your WordPress blog.
  • Blog.new : open a new blog in WordPress.
  • Bitly.new / link.new : create short links for your website.
  • Board.new – Collaborate with other users on an online whiteboard.
  • Go.new : rent cars, buses and even limousines with Carotrip.
  • Coda.new : create a new document that combines text documents and spreadsheets.
  • React.new – Create a new React project with CodeSandBox.
  • League.new : manage your leagues with CompuSport.
  • Card.new : add a new card to your Cotano boards.
  • Version.new : share large files.
  • Resume.new – Create a new resume with CV2You’s default templates.
  • Dataproject.new / dataprojects.new – Open a new project in Data World.
  • Dataset.new / datasets.new : add a new dataset to your project in Data World.
  • Diagram.new / diagrams.new : create a flowchart to map processes.
  • Paper.new – Open a new workspace in Dropbox.
  • Docs.new / document.new / documents.new – Open a new Google Docs document.
  • Sheets.new / spreadsheet.new / spreadsheets.new – Opens a new Google Sheets spreadsheet.
  • Slides.new / slide.new / deck.new / presentation.new – Open a new slide show in Google Slides.
  • Form.new / forms.new : create a new form in Google Forms.
  • Site.new / sites.new / website.new : create a new page with Google Sites.
  • Cal.new / meeting.new : create a new event on your Google calendar.
  • Keep.new / Note.new / notes.new : create a new note in Google Keep.
  • Meet.new : create a new meeting on Google Meet.
  • Icq.new – Chat with friends on ICQ.
  • Id.new : generates proof of identity.
  • Freehand.new – Collaborate on an online whiteboard with InVision.
  • Cv.new : create a CV with KickResume.
  • Linear.new : notifies of a problem in Linear.
  • List.new : create a new list in Liner.
  • Excel.now : open a new spreadsheet with Excel.
  • Powerpoint.new / ppt.new / pptx.new – Open a new presentation using PowerPoint.
  • Sway.new – Open a new layout in Microsoft Sway.
  • Docx.new / word.new – Open a new text document using Microsoft Word.
  • Mindmap.new – Create a new idea map and share it on MindMeister.
  • Prezi.new – Opens a new presentation in Prezi.
  • Poll.new : create a poll during a meeting in Solid.
  • Slido.new : open a new meeting in Slido.
  • Sprout.new – Open a new note in Sprout.
  • Move.new – Plan a move with Supermove.
  • Comments.new : comment on a website with Tanadium.
  • Page.new / tettra.new : create a new page in your Tettra account.
  • Suggest.new – Suggest new content for your Tettra account.
  • Text.new – Create a quick note with Text Editor.
  • Upload.new : upload and share a file.
  • Chat.new : start a new conversation on Vieta.
  • Letsmeet.new / mymeet.new / webex.new – Starts a meeting on Webex.
  • Todo.new : add a task to your WIP list.
  • Zip.new – Create a new ZIP file.

Google .new domains: Education

Google .new domains
  • Citation.new : add a citation to your bibliography with Bibguru.
  • Code.new – Learn to code with real-time interactive coding sessions.
  • Kahoot.new / quiz.new : create an online quiz with Kahoot.
  • Presenter.new – Design classes and presentations with Prowise Presenter 10.
  • Quizlet.new – Create a new topic and test your knowledge with Quizlet.
  • Class.new : open a new online course with Tabletwise.

Computer development tools

  • Pen.new : prototype your interface code using CodePen. * Vue.new : create a new vue.js project with CodeSandBox.
  • Ts.new – Open a new TypeScript project with CodeSandBox.
  • Ng.new : open a new Angular project with CodeSandBox.
  • Datacatalog.new – Create a new Data Catalog file.
  • Editorx.new : create your own website using EditorX.
  • Flutter.new : design a prototype of your app using Flutter.
  • Gist.new – Open a new gist on GitHub.
  • Github.new / repo.new – Open a new GitHub repository.
  • Glitch.new : code apps in your browser.
  • Script.new – Create and share new editor features with Google App Script.
  • Ionic.new : build cross-platform applications with Ionic.
  • Apps.new : create an app with Kodular.
  • Mathworks.new / mathlab.new – Open MATLAB in your browser.
  • Dotnet.new – Try a .NET app on Microsoft’s Try .NET.
  • Env.new / vso.new / vsonline.new – Create a new space in Visual Studio.
  • Pwa.new : create a new website using Pwabbit.
  • Repl.new : open a Bash Script with REPL.
  • Api.new / playground.new : prototype and launch your APIs.
  • Folder.new : open a new notebook for your API in RunKit.
  • Sql.new : write SQL queries for your applications.
  • Deploy.new / zeit.new : import your front-end projects into Vercel to see a preview.


  • Custom.ink / tshirt.new – Create a t-shirt with your own design in Custom Ink.
  • Pizza.new : order your pizza online from Dominos.
  • Shop.new : create an online store on eBay.
  • Officephonebooth.new : request and customize your own phone booth.
  • Grail.new / grailed.new – Buy and sell clothes on Grailed.
  • Mercari.new : sell your second-hand things at Mercari.
  • Neighbor.new /storage.new – Check your available storage space on Neighbor.
  • Box.new : design decorated boxes for your business with Packlane.
  • Art.new : buy framed prints of your photos with Point101.
  • Authenticate.new / consign.new – Consign luxury items using TheRealReal.

Other .new shortcuts

  • Care.new / crossover.new / crossoverhealth.new – Schedule a consultation with Crossover Health.
  • Dashlane.new / password.new : Access the Dashlane password generator to keep all your accounts safe.
  • Activity.new – Share your favorite events and activities on a map.
  • Discord.new – Open a new community on Discord.
  • Bitcoin.new / btc.new – Buy, sell and trade BitCoin on eToro.
  • Eth.new / ethereum.new – Buy, sell and trade Ethereum on eToro.
  • Tsla.new – Buy, sell and trade TSLA on eToro.
  • Twtr.new – Buy, sell and trade TWTR on eToro.
  • Xrp.new – Buy, Sell ​​and Trade Ripple on eToro.
  • Perfume.new : create a unique fragrance based on your personality.
  • Salary.new : share your salary on Levels.fyi to achieve fair pay for everyone.
  • Reservation.new / restaurant.new – Make a restaurant reservation with OpenTable.
  • Park.new / parking.new : reserve parking spaces in your area.
  • Aed.new – Register your automated external defibrillator in the PulsePoint registry.
  • Event.new : create and share a new event in Purpl.
  • Randow.new – Access a random web page on Random.
  • Lifestories.new – Consecrate the memory of a loved one by telling their story with theMemories.

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