Filtered all the free games from the Epic Games Store for this Christmas

The Epic Games Store is being a kind of gamer paradise, at least for those of us who play on PC and do not limit ourselves to consoles. Every week a couple of free games and this seems to never end. How long will Epic Games be giving away games at a loss?

No idea, but while that comes a server is going to make the most of the pull, so I’m going to fool you. We know that the Epic Store will be giving away a free game every day until after Christmas, that is, until the 26th of this month. A great luxury that will fatten our library of games, although we will have to make use of its launcher, everything is said.

All free games on the Epic Games Store leaked

Today we have some interesting information, it turns out that all the games that are going to be given during these days have been leaked on the Epic Games PC subreddit. The list seems very real and in fact Second Extintion has already been confirmed, which is now available for download.

Without stealing much more time, I leave you with the list of games that will foreseeably be released between now and the 26th. Also in Xbox Generation, we will remind you every day of the game that is available so that you do not miss it.

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