Vivaldi 3.7 for PC and Android arrives with performance improvements, support for Apple M1s and more

Barely a month and a half have passed since the launch of its previous version and here comes Vivaldi 3.7 for PC and Android, this time with both editions releasing in unison, but each with its own novelties.

If you are a user of this particular web browser, pay attention to what Vivaldi 3.7 brings back, because it is not usual, although you may like it even more; And if you are not, with this release you are presented with a good opportunity to give it the opportunity, worth the redundancy.

Vivaldi 3.7 for PC

Starting with Vivaldi 3.7 for PC (Linux, Mac, Windows), which is ultimately the main workhorse of the project, there are several new features announced, but the most prominent ones are not about new and colorful functions, but something so basic like browser performance.

Thus, Vivaldi developers have made “many internal improvements to the browser” to  double the speed of opening tabs  and increase  the speed of opening new windows by 26%. Said like this, it doesn’t seem like a big deal because the speeds in this type of elements are hardly perceptible to the human eye, but they insist that we will notice it on a day-to-day basis, depending on the computer on which we run the application.

The performance improvements noted are derived from internal testing conducted by the Vivaldi development team “on a PC running Ubuntu 18.04 with 2 GHz Intel Core i3 CPU and 4 GB of RAM.” A team with the right resources, go, but it is always interesting that they remember that the user experience goes beyond having a thousand functions, so welcome is the improvement.

On the other hand, Vivaldi 3.7 comes with native support for Apple’s M1 devices and it also shows substantially in performance, again, according to tests carried out by the development team.

But there is more. Vivaldi 3.7 includes other novelties in the form of extensions to functions already present in the browser, such as periodic reloading in web panels (the pages that can be docked in the side panel), a new option in the contextual menu of the tabs for stacking tabs from the same domain, improved quick commands or starting background updates for Windows.

The highlight of Vivaldi 3.7 for PC, however, is the culmination of the costumization of contextual menus, a function that has been extended to the various sections of the browser and that is completed with what is possibly the most interesting option of all: the edition of the contextual menus of the web pages, including the page background, text, links, selection and embedded content such as images, audio or video. A ‘frikada’ only suitable for the most coffee growers, but that’s what Vivaldi is all about.

Vivaldi 3.7 for Android

Vivaldi 3.7 for PC and Android

What’s new in Vivaldi 3.7 for Android? Not as much as the PC version, but there are several details that you will like. To highlight the new way of adding bookmarks, which improves and simplifies the previous one. The following video illustrates it in less than a minute.

In addition, a new startup wizard has also been added to help new users configure the basic aspects of the browser the first time they run it, much like it works on the PC version. This wizard offers the possibility to activate the ad blocker, choose between classic or Chrome-style tabs, use the light or dark theme and activate data synchronization.

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