The new version of Windows 11 is being pushed! List of new features and fixed issues

Recently, Microsoft pushed the optional update of the new version of Windows 11 KB5007262, which updated the system version to Windows 11 Build 22000.348, bringing new emojis and new features such as the taskbar. With this update, the blue screen of death has appeared again-don’t get me wrong, it’s not that the system has become more unstable, but Microsoft decided to change the screen of the crash from the black screen to the classic blue screen.

It is understood that Windows 11 KB5007262 is an optional cumulative update, which is part of Microsoft’s November 2021 update cycle. This means that the update will not be downloaded and installed automatically, but users can manually install the patch if they need specific improvements and fixes.

Windows 11 KB5007262 supports Microsoft’s Fluent style new emoji, which Microsoft has been promoting in the past few months. Before, Microsoft officially stated that the new emoticons are 3D, but the actual emoticons brought by this push are 2D, and the 3D emoticons did not appear.

Windows 11 new update
windows 11 new update

But it should be noted that the new 2D emoticons are also unique to Windows11, at least for now. I don’t know if they will be provided to other Windows systems in the future.

Like Win10, cumulative updates for Win11 are also provided in msu format through the Microsoft Update Catalog. If you cannot get the update through Windows Update, you can download the patch and install it through this link.

It should be noted that Win11 patches are divided into x64 and ARM64 versions. After finding the corresponding patch, click the download button, the Edge browser will start the download directly, while other browsers may need to copy the msu link and open a new tab to download it manually.

some updates of Windows 11 KB5007262 (Build 22000.348)

  • Microsoft introduced a new emoji for Win11.
  • Microsoft has fixed problems in the multitasking view, Alt-Tab or Snap function.
  • Improved memory management.

As expected, this optional update of Win11 has made some fixes to the issues affecting File Explorer, including one that caused Explorer to stop working when it closes its windows on the desktop, and the other prevents files from being displayed. The resource manager error of the resource manager and shortcuts has also been fixed. 

In addition, Microsoft has also fixed the problem that the Explorer may crash when the word is clicked to open a project.  Microsoft has also improved the performance of icons pinned to the taskbar, and fixed the problem that the view affects Bluetooth audio devices when the volume is adjusted in the taskbar.  

This update also fixes a bug related to rendering closed caption shadows. In addition, when using high-contrast themes, the problem of flickering when hovering over the taskbar icon has been solved.  

Microsoft has fixed the problem that the keyboard focus cannot be displayed when using the multitasking view, the Alt-Tab key and the Snap function. It has also fixed the problem that may cause the device to fail to emit audio and display incorrect fonts.

Some other bug fixes in Windows 11 Build 22000.348

  • Fixed an issue that caused the application to stop responding. This happens when an application calls the Windows Input API on a device with a touchpad.
  • Fixed the issue of auto-enable focus assist after Windows feature update.
  • Fixed the problem of audio distortion.
  • Fixed an issue related to audio peripherals, which would appear when using spatial audio.

In addition to this patch for Windows 11, Microsoft also released a cumulative update for Windows 10 (KB5007253), which has various bug fixes and improvements.

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