Twitter Announces New Voice and Video Calling Features


Twitter, the popular microblogging social network that has been experiencing a roller coaster ride since it was taken over by Elon Musk, has announced that new features will be added to the platform soon. Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, released some details about these features, which include voice and video calls, encrypted messages, and a cleanup of inactive accounts.

voice and video calls

Twitter will soon add the option to make voice and video calls through the platform. This means that Twitter users will be able to communicate with anyone in the world without having to give out their phone number. This feature will also put Twitter on the same level as other social networking apps that already offer these features.

encrypted messages

Twitter also plans to add encrypted direct messages. These messages will offer an additional layer of security and privacy to Twitter users. Online privacy and security are important issues and this feature will allow Twitter users to have more confidential conversations, essential in the world of journalism, a sector highly integrated with Twitter.

It also indicates that with the latest version of the app, we will be able to direct message any message in the thread (not just the most recent) and use any emoji reaction.

Cleanup of inactive accounts

Twitter is also working on a cleanup of inactive accounts. This means that accounts that have not been used for a long period of time will be deleted and archived. While it is not known exactly how users will be able to access these archived accounts, this will help keep the platform free of inactive and dead accounts, so we will surely all notice a drop in the number of followers.

Adding encrypted messages and removing inactive accounts are important for online security and privacy. More and more people are concerned about the security of their data online, and these features will help Twitter users feel more secure and protected (or not).

It is not yet known when these functions will arrive, but we will be attentive to Elon’s Tweets, that everything comes from there.

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