TikTok Launches New Feature to Help Creators Tag AI-Generated Videos


TikTok, like other social media platforms, wants content creators to be more transparent with their visitors, avoiding them from misleading them, even if not on purpose.

Addressing the increasing use of Generative Artificial Intelligence, ByteDance’s video platform is incorporating a new toggle that will allow creators to indicate if the video they are about to upload is made using Artificial Intelligence.

To comply with community standards

This switch, called “AI-generated content” is available in the “more options” section, which, if activated when uploading a new video, when published, the video will show its corresponding label, notifying users of it.

Being properly labeled, it will also prevent the ByteDance video platform from removing it, in accordance with its community regulations, since the platform reserves the right to remove content that is not properly labeled.

TikTok was already demonstrating against deepfakes in 2020

It so happens that TikTok already had a ban on publishing deepfakes since 2020, but circumstances have changed, and for this reason they modified the policies last spring, and to comply with it, TikTok is making it easier for creators to Tag those videos that are generated by AI.

And there will be videos that clearly show that they have been generated by AI, but given the realism that is being achieved, there are also videos generated by AI that can pass for being real videos when they really are not.

Instagram works on a similar feature

This movement may sound familiar since Instagram already indicated days ago that it was working on a content tagging function generated by Artificial Intelligence, but it has been TikTok that, without much hype along the way, now officially begins to have the tagging function. that makes it easy for creators to point out which of their videos have been generated by Artificial Intelligence.

It will be a matter of time before users start seeing the new label on AI-generated videos, and maybe TikTok will get serious when they find AI-generated videos that are not properly labeled, understanding that it is intended to mislead visitors. , before proceeding to its elimination.

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