Twitter announces ‘Super Follow’, a subscription where users pay for exclusive content

As announced by Twitter, ‘Super Follow’ offers users the ability to charge their followers to access additional content. This can be, for example, exclusive tweets, access to private groups, paid newsletters ( after purchasing Revue ) or badges that reflect that the user is financially supporting others.

Paid Twitter has arrived, in its own way. The social network announced during today’s investor event what their payment option will be like. Users who pay $4.99 per month will be able to access exclusive content from people they follow. A mix between Patreon and Substack, in the style and under the Twitter platform. Something was rumored a few days ago and previously job offers at the company let it be seen to the point that they confirmed it .

Through this direct payment by subscription Twitter will look for a new way to deposit money along with the options it already has. Presumably Twitter is going to take a commission of those $4.99 per month. It is a similar business to that of Substack with its paid newsletters or Patreon with exclusive content. Platforms for creators that charge directly from the user, in exchange for giving a small commission to the platform itself.

However, Twitter has not yet announced a specific date for the implementation of the ‘Super Follow’. Beyond this feature preview, they say it will be “what’s next” on Twitter. The feature was announced at the event for analysts and investors, focusing for the moment more on showing how this can be profitable than on its detailed specifications.

Super Follow: Groups and a “safe mode”

Super Follow group in Twitter

In addition to ‘Super Follow’, Twitter has announced ‘Communities’. This feature is very similar to that of other social networks with interest groups such as Facebook Groups. Users can join or create groups on specific topics to share content and interact.

There are not many details about what the Twitter communities will be like. In principle, being of common interests, users will be able to share more specific content about those interests. A way to focus more granularly the content and the type of users that each user follows on Twitter, since practically all the content is currently mixed. At the moment it has not been announced when it will be available.

Finally, it highlights a third functionality that Twitter is preparing, the ‘Safety Mode’. In this “safe mode” users allow Twitter to automatically block and silence accounts that may be violating Twitter rules when interacting with the user who has activated the ‘Safety More’.

It is a feature that “cleanses” user activity with Twitter, by getting rid of those accounts that may be showing abusive content or violent responses. Twitter says that automatic blocking occurs for a total of seven days, after which interactions with that person are shown again. At the moment there are no more details about this feature.

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