Forza Horizon 5 hits the ground running and surpasses 8 million players in less than a week

The latest installment in Playground Games’ acclaimed driving saga has been racking up successes even before its launch day. The game had around a million players already before November 9, through early access that we could access from the Premium Edition of the game.

This is the largest release of an Xbox Game Studios game

Although the numbers skyrocketed from the moment the game hit Microsoft’s stores and subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, managing to reach a whopping four and a half million players during its first day on the market, a reception that even Phil Spencer held through his Twitter account.

It seems that Forza Horizon 5 wants to be the fastest, and not only on the asphalt, because when Aaron Greenberg had just started talking about six million players, the latest success of Xbox Game Studios could already celebrate having surpassed the barrier of eight millions of players. The previous installment in the franchise, Forza Horizon 4, took about two and a half months to surpass seven million players.

They are being a heart attack figures for what has already become the largest launch of Xbox Game Studios and the most complete installment of the saga.

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