Top Free Logo Creator Tools

Free Logo creator tools
Free Logo creator tools

Here are some of the top free logo creator tools, that are great for creating professional logos. Creating a logo is something that more and more people face on a daily basis. If we are going to undertake we will need to have an image of our company or business, however, we may also want to design a logo for our own brand, website, blog, online store, etc. In this case, there are many who go to a professional to provide them with ideas and develop the design of their company, but the truth is that on many occasions, we can do it ourselves. We show below the best applications to create logos from your computer or mobile in a simple and totally free way.

Today we have a lot of tools that allow us to create our own designs, however, it is important to take into account certain details when creating the image of our company, business, personal identification or image with which we can easily recognize in any ad space, etc.

Important aspects when creating a logo

Although the truth is that each of us has different tastes, there are certain guidelines or recommendations that we should take into account when designing a logo:

  • Simple and direct : There is no doubt that one of the most important aspects, if not the most important, when designing the image that will identify us as a company, brand or person is that it be easy to remember. This will allow anyone to easily identify our brand regardless of the context where it appears. A clear example is the logo of the manufacturer Nike, something simple and easily recognizable.
  • Original : Simplicity should not lead us to something too classic or that could go unnoticed, so we should give it a touch of originality so that it attracts attention while being easy to identify.
  • Avoid ornaments : This simplicity means that we must avoid unnecessary ornaments, that is, decorative elements that do not contribute anything and that also can make our image stop being easy to recognize.
  • Timeless : We must think that it is something for life, therefore, it is important that they allow some retouching to offer an image adapted to the future, but without this implying the loss of the original essence.
  • Adaptable : It is also an aspect to take into account and we should never create an image based on a space that we have available or place where we are going to include it, since in the future all that could change and we would need to change the logo as well. Our image must be able to adapt to different formats in order to include it in any space without any problem.
  • Avoid fashions : If we are guided by fashions, in the end it will not stand out from the rest and will become one of the bunch. Also, this will make it temporary and obsolete over time.
  • Do not look at other logos : Copying from other images or brands is not a good idea either, since this will not make us differentiate, and much less if we do it with the competition.
  • Use easy-to-read fonts : If our design includes text, it is important that we choose a font that matches the image and above all, is easy to read at any size.
  • Colors : Although it is something very particular, it is worth mentioning it. Colors can awaken certain different sensations to each person, therefore, we will never hit the right color or combination of colors ideal for everyone, that does not mean that we take care of the color or colors depending on the type of brand or image that we want to give .

The best applications to create logos for free

If you want to create your own logo but do not have knowledge of certain graphic design tools, then surely any of these free tools will be of great help, since in addition to allowing you to create an image for your business, company or person, they are easy to use drive.


Free Logo creator tools
Logo Designer

It is a fairly complete online tool, since in addition to having the option of creating a logo, it offers many other functions such as creating a collage of photos, posters, post for Instagram or Facebook, designs for documents, covers, resumes, cards, infographics, etc.

Canva offers a section specially dedicated to logos, where we can find a lot of models or pre-established designs to get ideas, since then we can make the combinations or designs that we like the most. It allows adding images, starting from a design from scratch and the necessary tools to create our design with total comfort. Go to Canva


It is a website specially designed to offer an online tool or applications to design business logos. With the simple fact of entering the name of our company or brand and the type of activity, it is capable of generating a lot of clipart that we can choose from. However, in order to download the images in the highest quality or without watermark, we have to pay a small amount of money.

It allows editing the pre-designed logos to adapt them to our liking, being able to change the text that appears in the image and once we have everything to our liking, download it. Go to Logaster

Create free logo online

As its name suggests, it is a site we can go to to create a free logo. Specifically, in four simple steps we will have our design ready to start using it. The first thing to do is to write the name of our company, business or own name, the predefined design that we like the most and then we can edit the selected design to add or remove the elements we want until we have the image we want and download it on our computer. Go to Createlogogratisonline

Logo Maker

It is one of the most used online applications to create this type of images. The truth is that all these tools work more or less in the same way, but the truth is that Logo Maker offers a large number of images and fonts to be able to customize the image of our brand. It is also possible to add the name of our company and a slogan if necessary, it offers different styles of logo and different fonts so that we can use the ones that best suit our design and that go according to the image we want to give, etc. Go to Logo Maker

Genie Logo

It is another good alternative when what we are looking for is a simple program to create our own designs for free . It is one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use sites or platforms to use, without this implying not being able to obtain a professional result.

Once we have registered with LogoGenie, we choose the category that best suits our business, we add the name of the company, we choose one of the designs that it offers us by default and then we personalize the one we like the most. As we can see, it is one of the websites that offers more customization options for free, since it allows us to change the font, size, color, logo icons, add a background or certain elements. Once we have everything ready, all we have to do is save it on our computer. Go to LogoGenie 

Logotype Maker

Logotype Maker is an online tool that offers us the possibility of creating a logo automatically by simply indicating the name of our company or business and the category that best suits our activity. Once this is done, click on the Create Now button and the created image will be shown. If we click on the button again, we will be shown another option, and so on each time we click on the button until we find the one we like the most.

Once selected, we can make certain modifications and changes to personalize it to our liking, although for this we will have to register on the site. We will have access to certain options for free, while if we want to carry out more advanced ones, they may be paid. Go to Logotype Maker

Graphic springs

Graphic Springs is another very complete online application or tool, since in addition to having a logo creator, it also offers other interesting functions or tools for image editing. The way in which this site works is similar to the rest, we indicate the name of our company, company or business, the activity or category that best fits and automatically the application will create different related designs.

From the design that we like the most, we can make some color changes, include shadows, etc. However, one of the option to highlight from Graphic Springs is that it allows us to request that one of the designers of the site make us a personalized image from scratch. Of course, first of all we must ask the price of it. Go Graphic Springs


It is a free online tool specially developed for logo design. Therefore, if we are looking for an image for our company, business, blog, website, etc., we can go to DesignMantic and in a few simple steps we will have it ready to start using it.

One of the outstanding features of this site is the large number of images and type of fonts available for use. The steps to follow are very simple and are practically the same as in most tools of this type. The first thing we must do is indicate the name of our company and the category or activity to which it belongs or best fits. Automatically we will be shown a lot of designs from which we will have to choose the one we like the most. Next, we will be offered certain actions to personalize said image to our liking and finally, we will only have to download it to be able to use it. Go to DesignMantic

Online Logo Maker

Its name says it all, it is an online tool to create logos. It is a free application that we can use without registering and that, like most of the previous ones, allows us to design the image of our company quickly and easily. Simply enter the name of our company and in a few moments we will see a lot of proposals. We choose the one we like the most and that’s when we can customize some aspects such as colors, typography, etc. With everything to our liking, we can now save the result on our computer to start using it wherever we want. Go to OnlineLogoMaker

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