Twitch and Facebook Gaming grow in July: these were the most watched games in streaming

The consumption of content creators on Twitch and Facebook Gaming does not rest in summer. As we read in a recent report, both platforms improved their numbers during July, finding a new all-time high on Mark Zuckerberg’s portal. Among the most consumed video games on the Amazon site, few changes, once again having Grand Theft Auto V as the title with the most hours viewed.

According to the monthly State of the Stream report from StreamElements shared by Gamesindustry, GTA 5 had 139 million hours of video views, enough to surpass League of Legends with 130 million hours, which cuts distances. Among the most prominent uploads we find Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in seventh place with 57 million hours. Something new? Not in the top-10, but StreamElements speaks highly of the reception of New World , a successful Amazon MMO that attracted nearly 200,000 users with its closed beta .

Already focusing on the global audience data of Twitch and Facebook Gaming, it is reported that the first site had a 23% increase compared to the previous year with 1.75 billion hours, while the second reaped their new historical peak by adding 522 millions of hours, still far from the Amazon portal. Both data demonstrate the great state of health in which both platforms are.

Twitch’s price drop was recently in the news , raising questions about whether that will mean a drop in the income of its big stars. On the other hand, the platform has hosted these days a great event symptom of its relevance, the live chat of one of its most prominent streamers with Leo Messi .

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