How to record screen in Windows 11 without installing any software

record screen windows 11
  • With the tool integrated into Windows 11 you can easily record screen of your PC .
  •  You can adjust the audio settings as well as the video quality.

Windows is an operating system that not only serves as a platform on which to install programs and applications with which to carry out your tasks, it also includes some hidden tools that will be very useful, such as recording videos from your PC screen without No need to install any additional programs.

Before the arrival of Windows 11, it was necessary to install an additional program to record everything that happened on your PC screen on video , but since its launch a useful recording function was included.

This feature was initially integrated so that players could record and share their games quickly and easily, but its usefulness quickly spread to other areas.

Recording your computer’s screen not only serves to share the best games of your video games, you can also use it as a tool to create an improvised video tutorial. Its use is very simple and intuitive, but in any case we will tell you step by step how to record the screen in Windows 11 without installing anything.

Activate and configure the game bar in Windows 11

Given that the function of recording the computer screen was initially designed for players to share their games, it is logical to think that the recording tool is in the most gamer part of the Microsoft operating system, which is none other than the Xbox app. integrated by default in all versions of Windows 11.

As a general rule, the Game Bar that allows you to record your PC screen is activated by pressing the Windows + G key combination. If this shortcut doesn’t activate it, you may have disabled it. To activate it again you just have to access and do the following.

Go to Windows 11 Settings by pressing Windows + I, then go to Games and you will see how you will automatically be in the Game Bar section. Activate the switch at the top of this section to display the bar when you perform the corresponding keyboard shortcut.

You will see a section that says All shortcuts where you will see the different keyboard shortcuts pre-configured by Windows, in addition to being able to create your own if you want. If you click on the Captures menu on the left of your image you will see important parts that you should also know.

Here you can see where the screenshots you take when recording with the Xbox Game Bar are saved and you can change to another folder that interests you. In Record what has happened, you can activate it so that it remains recording for the time you schedule.

In Capture audio when recording a game, you will activate or deactivate whether you want what is playing on the computer to be heard in the resulting video. Finally, you can select the Video Quality, if you want to record only the game audio and not your microphone (if you have one), the Video Frame Rate at which you want the recording to run and Capture the mouse cursor.

As you can see, this bar can be configured so that what you record exactly suits your needs and preferences, being able to customize a good number of facets. It is the best way to have everything well controlled and have it turn out exactly as we expect.

Start Windows 11 screen recording

Once you have activated the launch of the Game Bar, you can launch it at any time by pressing the Windows + G combination. Doing so will display the bar with all the available options. It includes both recording controls and streaming retransmission controls.

For now, since the goal is to get a video file with your screen recording, you’re only going to use the direct recording features. 

  • To do this, click on the recording button identified with a central dot or press the Windows+ Alt+ R ​​key combination.
  • Recording will then begin, so you can start opening programs or making the presentation you want to record. 
  • On the right side, at the top of the screen, a small toolbar will be displayed in which you will see the recording time, the button to stop recording and the one that allows you to activate the microphone (if it is deactivated) to record as well. your voice.
  • When you want to finish recording, simply click the Stop Recording button in this bar and the recording will stop to save the generated video file. 
  • A notification will indicate that the file has been successfully saved in the location that you have set as default or if you have left the one that the system provided, the files will be in your Windows user in Videos and then Captures.
  • Not only are the videos present in the Xbox Game Bar, but you will also have sections for sound such as those that say Mix and Voice, where you will manage the volume of the speakers, the microphone and the different volumes of the different windows open in Windows..
  • Just below you will see another window with the Performance being used by the CPU, GPU, RAM and even the FPS.
  • Finally, the central bar is where you can add new elements, since the Xbox Game Bar has many elements that you can open, but today we are only interested in those related to Windows screen recording.

What you can do is click, right in the Capture window where it says Show all captures. Here you will find the videos you have recorded with the game bar.

This way, you can easily record your games or whatever you want from what appears on the screen without having to install any additional programs. Obviously, it is a very simple tool, but it can get you out of trouble if you cannot download any other more professional tool from the internet.

With Windows 11 you have everything you need to record your screen quickly and easily. Start exploring these built-in tools and discover their potential for your captures and recordings.

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