Trust GXT Esca review: Being a gamer does not have to be expensive

The keyboard is the basis of every online gamer, so having a good product specialized in gaming can make a difference in every game. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these peripherals tend to be expensive, so many times we end up resorting to simpler models. Something that we can avoid with the recently introduced Trust GXT Esca, a gaming keyboard for all audiences designed to offer a full color experience, with a unique design, and an entry-level price suitable for any pocket.

Trust GXT Esca (GXT 853) Specifications

RGB lightingYes. Fixed with rainbow effect
softwareNo. Plug-and-Play functionality
Connectivity1.8 meter cable with USB-A output
Dimensions167 x 465 x 46 mm
Weight646 grams
Price24.99 dollars

As soon as we take the keyboard out of the box, the first thing we look at is its design, with a large number of angles and sharp edges that give it that most classic gaming personality, being able to identify it from the moment we see it.. Something that will become even more powerful as soon as we connect it to our computer, instantly bringing its LED lighting to life, distributed through several sections of transparent membrane below all the keys and the lower edge of the entire contour, creating a rainbow effect. fixed of the most vivid and brilliant.

Trust GXT Esca, gxt 853
Trust GXT Esca

Continuing with its structure, one of the greatest virtues of the Trust GXT Esca is undoubtedly its aluminum metal frame, which, giving it tremendous robustness, will hardly influence its weight, leaving a peripheral of the most light and easy to transport.

Although undoubtedly the most characteristic of it is the small handle on its upper part, which in addition to offering us a different way to grip it, is mainly designed to serve as a support for smartphones, helping us to keep both screens aligned to avoid having to look away from the game while we check our notifications.

A slot that will be covered by a rubber band to protect the screen of our phone, leaving a useful space for terminals up to 9 millimeters thick, being compatible with practically all smartphones of recent years, even keeping the case in place. In fact, a detail that we liked is the small clearance that this space allows, allowing the phone to tilt slightly back to offer us a more comfortable viewing angle.

Last but not least, under the keyboard we can find two small folding legs that will allow us to lift the keyboard up to around 13 mm. This back part is already the usual rigid plastic in dark gray.

Thus, just as we left the Trust GXT Esca has a plug-and-play functionality, which will allow us to enjoy all its functionalities just by connecting it, without the need to install any type of software. And it is in fact that its lighting can be customized (although not much) from the keyboard itself, allowing us only to adjust the intensity of brightness or the on and off of the RGB itself, without having other color options or effects for them.

In fact, another of the points that stands out within its lighting is the fact that its keys, created in ABS plastic materials, come with the letters overprinted, losing the opportunity to let this lighting pass through them. And is that given the light power of it, when we are in environments with less light, we could have some problems to see the symbols and letters.

Additionally, we will find other special keys such as the quick activation of the game mode, which will disable the Windows key to avoid accidental keystrokes that could interrupt our game, or the presence of its 12 multimedia function keys  and a full numeric keyboard, which will facilitate any type of activity.

Located in the F1 to F12, these keys will have special actions that can be activated through the combined use of the Fn keys, offering us controls for the basic controls of music playback, shortcuts to go to the home screen of the browser, open the mail, or even some basic folders on your computer.

Although the keyboard includes other interesting combinations with the Fn key, such as the possibility to change the direction keys between the arrows and the WASD keys, or the adjustment of the polling frequency, which will allow us to make a small adjustment on the detection speed. keystrokes, making them recognized faster or slower. However, it highlights that the lighting control will not be included among these additional functions, but will have its own dedicated key.

Trust GXT Esca, trust gxt 853
Trust GXT Esca

Thus finally passing to the use tests, given its gaming keyboard orientation, we have focused on analyzing its performance within this area. Although as always, being one of the basic peripherals of a computer, we also wanted to test it when performing daily tasks for study or work.

First of all, it is noteworthy that, thanks to the use of a membrane instead of mechanical switches, the Trust GXT Esca offers quite quiet pulsations. However, it is still curious that the brand has added a small resistance that will allow us to discern the pulsations in a sonorous and tactile way, with a click something more “plastic” than traditional mechanical keyboards, but that will continue to help us know when we perform every click.

Thus, in general, the keyboard performs quite well, with a response that, after a few minutes of use to get to the type of keystroke, has hardly given us more failures than a high-end keyboard. However, we can find some notable shortcomings such as its anti-ghosting input limitation limited to just 6 keys.

Trust GXT Esca
Trust GXT Esca

This means that, when we press a greater number of keys, we will lose some of the inputs. And it is that although they may seem sufficient at the time of normal use, it should be noted that in some more frantic games such as Apex Legends or other FPS, we have been able to appreciate it.

Another big change, in this case that can be valued at the personal level of each player, is the presence of a space bar that is wider than usual, even exceeding the line of keys. And it is that although on the one hand it is appreciated to have a more easily accessible bar, the fact of increasing its surface also causes it to be somewhat more difficult to press, having to exert a slightly greater pressure. Also, in my personal case, on more than one occasion I have “stumbled across” this small protruding corner when trying to press other keys like Left Alt.

Trust GXT Esca, Trust gxt 853
Trust GXT Esca

Even as we said, without a doubt the Trust GXT Esca complies in a more than enough and positive way in all areas of use.

With numerous additions such as its RGB lighting, the added functionalities of multimedia keys, or the ingenious support for telephones, although we could ask for some small improvements in some of these sections, in general we find a keyboard that is more than outstanding given its range of so affordable price.

And it is that currently we can get hold of the Trust GXT Esca for a tremendously cheap price that barely reaches 24.99 dollors, available through the brand’s own website as well as some local distributors such as Amazon and PcComponentes which they currently have additional discounts.

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