Tricks to change icons of Apple apps

Apple icons of Apple apps

Although Apple has not been very fond of customizations throughout its history, there is a little hidden trick that very few people know about to give our authentic touch to the mobile. At this point, we can change icons to whatever we want, we just have to download it to our mobile.

To carry this out, we will have to follow a series of simple steps to make this possible . Here is what you should do.

How to change the icon of any app on Apple

To do this, we will have to keep in mind that we will fundamentally use the application that comes by default on all Apple devices, and we know it as Shortcuts.

First of all, we will have to open the “ Shortcuts ” app and click on the “ + ” sign that we will see at the top of the right side, then we will tap on “ add action ”. Next, in the search bar we will write “ open app ” and then we will select which app, we want to change the icons, we will touch “ next ” and we will put the same name as the app as the name.

Then we will have to locate the shortcut created and we will click on “ the three dots ” that is in the upper right, then we will touch on “ add to home screen ”, we touch on the icon located at the bottom and we will touch on “ select photo ”.

We will choose the icon that we have previously downloaded on our mobile and finally we will tap on “ add ”. This process will be quite difficult for some people, but once we understand it we can do it very easily.

To finish this procedure, we will have to delete the app from our home screen, and then we will go look for it in the application library bar, and we will automatically observe the modification on our mobile.

Be careful, although it is not a completely true icon change, it is a function of opening an app using a shortcut. We must take into account some factors that may occur on the smartphone, one of them is that the application takes a little longer than normal when we open it.

We will not be able to see the notification points on the icon, because it is relatively a shortcut. And, on the other hand, we will not be able to use the “ Hapic Touch ” options that appear when the app is left selected through a shortcut.

If we really want to change an icon in any of our applications, this is a process that is totally worth it in order to have quite positive results to fulfill the function we want.

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