Netflix Password Sharing Cost in the US: Pricing & Details

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Netflix, the popular streaming platform, has been warning that sharing passwords is ugly. It has been threatening the issue for several months, and it is assumed that the shared account elimination system is already implemented.

In the United States, it’s their turn now, where Netflix has introduced a policy that could change the way many of its subscribers use the service. From now on, sharing your Netflix account password with someone outside your home will cost extra.

New rules on Netflix

For subscribers to Netflix’s Standard plan, which costs $15.49 per month, there is the option to add an extra member who can use the service outside of their home for an additional $7.99 per month. This surcharge allows another user to enjoy Netflix content with their own profile and password, but under the condition that the account holder is the one who assumes the cost.

This change will also affect subscribers of the Premium plan, which includes 4K streaming. They will be able to add up to two additional members, but each will incur the same extra cost.

Restrictions to extra members

It should be noted that extra members will have certain restrictions on their use of the service. They must be activated in the same country, they will only be able to view or download content on one device at a time, and they will not be able to create additional profiles or log in as a child profile.

Global impact of the policy

This Netflix password sharing policy will not only be implemented in the United States. In the UK, subscribers will also have to pay a monthly surcharge for each extra member, although in their case, the cost will be £4.99. However, it should be noted that subscribers to Netflix’s two cheapest plans, Basic and Standard with ads, will not be able to add extra members to their accounts.

change of course

Not long ago, Netflix seemed to be more lenient with the practice of sharing passwords. Even in March 2017, the company tweeted: “Love is sharing a password.” However, starting in 2022, Netflix began looking for ways to end this practice with the goal of increasing the number of subscribers who pay for the service.

Facing the loss of subscribers for the first time in more than a decade, Netflix had to rethink its approach. The fight against password sharing is just one of the strategies that the company has put in place. It also introduced an ad-supported plan and has invested heavily in games as an added incentive for subscribers.

This policy change highlights the challenge streaming platforms face in protecting revenue from password sharing practices. While Netflix password sharing has become a common habit for many, the company’s new strategy attempts to turn those users into paying subscribers. As the streaming space becomes increasingly competitive, companies are looking for new ways to maximize revenue and retain subscribers.

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