TikTok launches application for Windows 10 in the Microsoft Store

One of the most interesting and expected things of the next Windows 11 will be the arrival of Android applications to the Microsoft Store. Something that the company showed during the event where the new version of the system was announced and the one that was just shown by the TikTok app for Android as an example.

TikTok already has an official app for Windows 10, but it has nothing to do with that version for Android that can be run natively on Windows 11. It is simply an app in the same style as that of platforms such as Facebook or Twitter: a packaged version from the web to desktop.

TikTok on Windows 10 is the best option to use TikTok on PC … for now

As with, for example, the Instagram app for Windows 10, this official TikTok app that you can find in the Microsoft Store, is basically the web version of TikTok packaged to work independently and outside the browser.

It does not offer anything unique and specially designed for Windows 10, but it is still a good option. It integrates well into the system, you can pin it to the taskbar or the Start Menu, and it uses native Windows notifications.

Tiktok for Windows

In addition, it consumes very, very few resources, and you can use it to upload videos from your computer, it even has the option of scheduling them for future publication at a specific date and time.

Download | TikTok for Windows 10

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