How to delete the last 15 minutes of your Google search history

Clearing your Google search history will be easier with Google Chrome from mobile. The company has announced a new feature for your browser to preserve privacy a little faster and easier.

Some of the searches we do do not want to be recorded in the browser history. It may be for many personal reasons, that we have searched for something indecent on the network or that a person controls our terminal and we do not want them to know about certain searches.

This is where we can clean the search history, delete a link so that it is not registered on the devices where we have that Google account linked. However, this process can become somewhat cumbersome and the company has wanted to simplify it with a new function.

Before explaining it, we remind you that the best way so that nothing is recorded of our activity in the Google search engine is the Incognito Mode. Activating this filter before searching for any result or page makes this activity hidden, as if it had not existed. Here you can see how Incognito Mode works, what it proposes and how to activate it. 

Now yes, Google has taken advantage of its annual event for developers, Google I / O, to announce some interesting news. One of them is cleaning the search history of the last 15 minutes. A new button that will be available in just two steps for greater convenience.

As you can see in the previous image, this button will be placed in the Management menu of your account, that is, when you open Google on your mobile (iOS or Android) you click on your profile photo in the upper right corner and you will see a menu With your account, the option to activate Incognito Mode and the ” Delete the last 15 min. ” function, you’re done. 

Delete the last 15 minutes, delete google search history
Delete last 15 min.

It’s that simple, everything you have searched for in that period will be deleted without a trace to have greater control over our activity on the internet and more privacy if we are concerned that other people can see what we have consulted on the network.

This is one of the news that will come to Google shortly. Along with it come other functions such as the possibility of protecting our photos: ” Have you ever given your phone to another person to show them a photo, but have you been concerned that it may move to a personal or sensitive image, such as a photo of your passport or a surprise gift? “As Google explains, the” Locked Folder “will protect personal photos with a password to make them difficult to access.

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