These are the 10 Google Chrome alternative browsers for your mobile

The most common is to use Google Chrome, but there are those who prefer to try alternative browser. For a few months, when starting an Android mobile, Google is obliged to show several alternatives apart from its own browser, so we are going to list them all so that we can choose the best alternative to Google Chrome.

Well, with our Android mobile or iPhone in hand, we are going to explore different alternatives to the Internet giant’s browser. We will be surprised by the large number of options we have in the respective app stores.

A mobile browser is downloaded the same as a game or social network, that is, through an application in the Google Play Store or in the Apple App Store.

We are going to highlight the 10 browsers that we recommend and that we have tested on several occasions, but without adding a specific order or preferences:

Ecosia, search and plant trees

It is the ecological and friendly search engine with the environment . For every search we do with Ecosia, the company is committed to planting trees in the most devastated areas of the planet. So much so that 80% of Ecosia’s income is used for reforestation.

A private Chromium-based search engine does not save search data, does not sell our information to other companies to make ads, does not track our visits, etc.

Ecosia is available to download for free on Android and can also be downloaded for iPhone and iPad.

Opera Mini, fast and easy alternative to chrome

Opera Mini browser

This browser is common on Apple devices, but it can be downloaded for any Android mobile. The good thing about Opera Mini is that it is lighter than the normal version, so it takes up less space.

Opera Mini has a built-in ad blocker, so we save ourselves from installing an extension or program with the risk that this poses to our security. We save up to 90% of data than with a normal browser, it allows you to share files without connection, we browse privately, etc.

As we say, it is the browser that we find in iPhone but in Mini version. Now it can also be downloaded on our Android mobile.

Kiwi Browser, a browser with protection against cryptocurrency mining

Broadly speaking, it is a Chromium-based browser that has an ad blocker, autocomplete function, safe browsing, allows you to play videos in the background and has protection against cryptocurrency mining.

Kiwi Browser is free to download on the Play Store for Android .

Lightning Browser, a browser with many customization features

This is a very peculiar alternative to Chrome that almost nobody mentions. With this browser we have customization options that we do not have with Google Chrome, dark mode, it works with the DuckDuckGo search engine that we will see below, reading mode, integrated security , etc.

Now we can download Lightning Browser , as an alternative to Google Chrome on our Android mobile.

DuckDuckGo, a perfect alternative to Google Chrome

Duck duck go browser an alternative to chrome

This browser is one of the most cooked in the world and is commonly used on computers for its privacy and security.

With DuckDuckGo we eliminate advertising trackers, we will have an encrypted connection, private searches, it allows you to delete data with a single click, dark mode, etc.

Now we can test it if we download it to our Android mobile or our iPhone or iPad .

Firefox, has custom searches

Firefox browser : Chrome alternative

The Firefox browser is known throughout the world for being one of the safest and a reliable alternative to Google Chrome.

With Firefox we get private and secure browsing, personalized searches, dark mode, synchronization between devices, picture-in-picture mode, etc.

It is available to download on Android mobiles and also on iPhone .

Brave Browser, has a native adblocker

A browser that does not always appear in the alternatives to Google Chrome, but that is gradually gaining ground. This is due to its interface and its main aspects such as safe and private browsing, ad blocker, protection against malware, data and battery saving, among others.

We can download Brave Browser for Android and also on our iOS devices .

Xiaomi mint browser

It is a very light browser that has dark mode, bookmark synchronization, fast and safe browsing, ad blocking, incognito mode, data saving, video downloading, etc.

Although our mobile is not Xiaomi, we can install this browser for free from the Google Play Store .

Dolphin Browser, can display security warnings

Dolphin browser

Another safe browser as an alternative to Google Chrome. This time we have a browser with an ad blocker, gesture control, flash playback, warnings about dangerous websites, notifications, etc.

Now, if we want, we have the possibility of downloading Dolphin Browser on our Android mobile .

Microsoft Edge, an alternative browser that is common to Chrome

Chrome alternatives : Firefox

Downloading Microsoft Edge on our mobile allows us to enjoy this alternative to Chrome. In addition, it is a browser with which we are familiar thanks to its web version on computers.

With this browser you can search more privately and safely, it allows synchronization, blocks advertising trackers, total control of our data, etc.

We can download Microsoft Edge for Android and also for iOS devices.

These alternatives that we have mentioned are the ones that we recommend for Android mobiles and iPhone or for tablets and iPad, but they can also be used on computers. For PC there are other alternatives that could also interest us a lot and that are famous for their security and privacy.

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