This is how the screens of future folding devices look like: 17-inch folding, roller and tablets

Samsung would be preparing new folding devices and has just shown prototypes of all the technologies that it is developing for these teams.

Folds are the future of smartphones, the ability to carry a compact size device, but having a screen similar to that of a tablet when deployed is something that many users look for and want. Companies know this and are betting more and more on these teams.

Samsung was one of the pioneers in betting on folding devices and is the one that has brought more devices with these characteristics to the market. Currently we can find the Samsun Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Flip 2; the Folds being foldable on the vertical axis and the Flip on the horizontal axis.

You might think Samsung has resigned itself to using only these two types of folds, but the reality is completely different. The development division specialized in panels called Samsung Display has just announced that they are preparing new formats of folding screens for different devices.

It is important to clarify that they are designed for different devices, as they would not only be for mobile phones. A tablet or mobile has been seen capable of folding itself in two points so that its size goes from being that of a tablet to that of a mobile or vice versa.

Future samsung devices, folding devices
Folding mobile phones

The prototype would have a fully open 7.2-inch screen diagonal. The interesting thing about this panel shaped like the letter “s” is that the hinges are of two types, one inside and the other outside. This technology would be a mix of classical hinge of its Galaxy Fold with the hinge of the Huawei Mate X.

The next prototype leaves the hinges behind and chooses a roll-up panel format, a technology very similar to that of the OPPO X 202. In this case, the panel would be designed for a mobile terminal and would allow a large screen to be hidden when not in use. Unlike the double hinged panel, Samsung has not indicated the possible size it would reach once unfolded.

Abandoned mobiles, Samsung would be developing tablets with folding screens. The prototype that has been shown is that of a tablet with a 17-inch screen, but with a hinge in the middle, its folded size would be drastically reduced. The last thing he’s shown is a frameless display meant to go in a laptop. 

This frameless screen has the incentive to be able to hide a camera in order to completely eliminate any type of edge that is not a screen, Samsung says that they have been able to achieve this thanks to a type of panel with a greater transmission of luminance.

Samsung folding mobile phone
Samsung Folding mobile

All these prototypes and ideas are part of the Display Week event in which all the future bets that Samsung has for the development of its devices are shown. It is very likely that some of these ideas will not make it into final products, but the ones that do come out will be the best. Folding devices are the future of technology and most users are wishing for it.

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