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Amazon has launched the “AI Ready” initiative, an ambitious commitment to provide free online courses in artificial intelligence (AI) skills to 2 million people worldwide by 2025. This effort comes in response to the growing demand for AI talent and the potential for higher salaries for those who possess skills in this area. The initiative seeks to make AI education accessible to all, eliminating cost as a barrier and opening new avenues for learning in one of the most transformative technological fields of our generation.

As part of the “AI Ready” initiative, Amazon has announced eight new free AI and generative AI courses. These courses are designed to align with in-demand jobs, providing a range of learning from foundations to advanced levels, and aimed at both business leaders and technologists. These courses add to the more than 80 AI and generative AI resources already offered by AWS, significantly expanding learning opportunities in this field. Google has also offered similar AI courses to start with.

Courses for business and non-technical audiences

Amazon has also designed courses specifically for business and non-technical audiences. These include:

Advanced technical training in AI

Aimed at developers and technical audiences, Amazon offers advanced courses, including:

Generative AI Scholarships and Educational Collaborations

Amazon, through the AWS Generative AI Scholarship, will offer scholarships in Udacity, valued at more than $12 million, to more than 50,000 high school and college students from underserved and underrepresented communities globally. The goal is to expand access to AI education by providing the “Introduction to Generative AI with AWS” course and awarding a Udacity certificate upon successful completion, which is a valuable tool for future employers.

To engage young people, Amazon has partnered with to launch “Hour of Code Dance Party: AI Edition. ” This initiative offers an introduction to coding and AI, where students create their own virtual music video. The activity is not only entertaining, but also introduces students to generative AI concepts, such as large language models and their use in predictive analytics. This event will take place globally during Computer Science Education Week​​.

Amazon’s initiative to provide free training in AI and generative AI is a significant step towards the democratization of knowledge in emerging technologies, let’s hope that other companies follow the example so that the jobs that will be lost due to AI are gained elsewhere, otherwise society will have a problem within a very short time.

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