This is how foldable iPhone phone would look like

Space Gray Iphone 6

Rumors about a foldable Apple device have been circulating online for several years. Read here what the “iPhone Flip” might look like.

Apple’s biggest rival, Samsung, has become the pioneer of foldable phones in recent years. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 and the Galaxy Z Fold 4 are two of the most popular foldable models, especially in the American market. Apple is also rumored to be working on a foldable iPhone model.A report from 

Digital Trends reveals what the editors’ endearingly dubbed “iPhone Flip” might look like. So far it is known that Apple is supposed to be actively working on the development of foldable prototypes. This is evident from the patents filed by Apple with designs of foldable cell phones.In which direction the Californian company wants to go with its foldable model, however, cannot yet be fully determined due to the large number of drafts submitted. In addition, the patents submitted do not mean that Apple has to implement the product.

Foldable iPhone: New Apple folding device should survive 100,000 folds

Foldable iPhone
Possible Preview of foldable iPhone

As early as 2017, many media reported that Apple should develop and test foldable OLED screens and hinges. Display reports show that in 2016 LG is said to have even started to supply the Californian group with foldable display samples in addition to Samsung. Apple is said to have used this to test its foldable prototypes. According to various reports, Apple also tested hinges in addition to the displays, each of which should withstand up to 100,000 folds. In this field, Samsung has already presented: Its Galaxy Z Fold 4 should withstand at least 200,000 folds.According to Apple informant Jon Prosser, the Californian company should be based on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip when designing the foldable iPhone. The well-known industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo assumes that Apple’s foldable model will probably be much larger and possibly not an iPhone at all. He claims that Apple’s foldable version will likely create a whole new class of devices with a 7.5 to 8-inch display. “Digital Trends” expected that similar to Samsung, Apple will probably release two different foldable devices: a model for personal use and a device for business use.

So far, neither a possible release date nor information about the camera is known

As far as the camera and other technical data are concerned, Apple is said to have not yet gotten beyond the design of the displays when developing a foldable iPhone. Therefore, no further information is available in this regard. The situation is similar with the software of the new foldable device: Although there is no information on this yet, Apple would probably have to consider a completely new variant of its operating system, since neither iOS nor iPadOS in their current versions can be transferred to a foldable design.

As for the possible release date of the iPhone Flip, many reports remain muted, as according to several sources, Apple is not yet sure if it wants to release a foldable device at all – despite actively working on the design of several prototypes. According to insiders, the folding technology is still too immature for the company. So Apple fans will probably have to be patient here.

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