The Epic Games Store adds more than 1,200 free retro games

That the Epic Games Store has become a Titan that does not stop growing, no one doubts it anymore, that the developers are seeing that it is a good place to advertise, either.

The Unreal Engine parent store keeps adding new features, free games and benefits for players and creators as a referral code to support them.Now the store has included Antstream in its catalog, it does so for free so you can play a vast catalog of retro games from the early 80s and 90s.

Here we talk about games like Double Dragon, Gauntlet and Metal Slug, Mortal Kombat or Burning Fight among many more. The arcade era straight to your PC.

The current version of Antstream allows you to play with non-intrusive ads, but if you pay about 7 euros / month you can get rid of them. In addition, the company is giving away the “ Welcome Pack ” that basically gives you 1090 gems to spend on new challenges in the game, play turn-based PVP and participate in tournaments.

You will have to have a more or less decent Internet connection since we remember that it is a cloud service. There are those who call Antstream the “Netflix of retro video games” and I think that in part and with many nuances, they are right.

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