Alan Wake Remastered and its release date are leaked in a web store

Alan Wake would also reach PlayStation consoles and its announcement would be imminent.

The 2010 Remedy Entertainment classic was acclaimed by critics and audiences alike , managing to garner a fan base demanding more cinematic titles . The game combined action and narrative with paranormal overtones , a style that Alan Wake was able to defend with solvency and that would later be represented in Quantum Break and Control , with more disparate results.

After more than a decade without a new game in the series, many fans had thrown in the towel with the franchise, however last June, they detected in the Epic Games Store database an Alan Wake Remastered that had not yet been released,been announced. Now the alleged remastering of Alan Wake has reappeared in Rakuten Taiwan , is listed once for PS4 , PS5 , Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

This would therefore be the first time that the game would reach PlayStation consoles . The product file on the web was accompanied by its launch date , which surprisingly seems imminent . The game would be released on October 5 of this year . To the Wario64 tweet in which this leak has been echoed, the well-known Niko Partners analyst, Daniel Ahmad , replied confirming that the announcement would be this next week .

Based on this information, the announcement of Alan Wake’s arrival on PlayStation could coincide with the new PlayStation Showcase , an event that will take place on September 9 and will feature 40 minutes of news for PlayStation consoles. Undoubtedly a remastering of Alan Wake would make it easier for many new users to discover the franchise , encouraging Remedy to work on a new installment. We recently learned that the developer is currently working on five new projects .

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