The 26 Best PC Exclusive Games: From Age of Empires to World of Warcraft

We have brought a list of best exclusive games that can be played on ps4, Xbox or PC. The PC is more than an alternative to current or future consoles: it is the gateway to gaming experiences that are not available on any other system. Some of them, in fact, have left a deep mark on the history of the video game itself. Others continue to hold the chair over the years.

The gaming experience on PC is no longer niche. Console hits are increasingly coming to PC, and that’s good for everyone. Halo 2, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Forza Motorsport or Detroit Become Human are great examples of the caliber and variety of experiences that have been accommodated for desktop computers.

To which must be added, of course, the additional advantages of the increasingly frequent cross-game with desktop systems, mods, the variety of digital stores or the possibility of benefiting from services such as Game Pass, PlayStation Now, GForce Now or Google Stadia.

Points very in favor. Which does not mean that it is also still that bastion for those passionate about strategy, MOBAs, FPS and MMORPGs. And, along with Nintendo Switch, the home of the indies and the more experimental projects of the small big studios.

Which raises a question: What are the most representative exclusives of desktop computers? At Technoeager we have made a selection with the best exclusive PC games. The most popular and the most representative.

Titles that are neither available nor announced for consoles, although – as an exception – some of them can also be played from mobile devices and tablets. At the end of the day, Wi-Fi broadcasting, cloud gaming, and streaming play are there.

Here are the 26 best PC exclusive games that you may like.

Age of Empires: Definitive Collection

  • Company: Xbox Game Studios
  • We recommend: All the games of the Age of Empires saga ordered from worst to best
  • This is in our first list of best exclusive games. We begin (alphabetically) with three cult classics that have just been pleasantly updated, improved, and expanded : all three Age of Empires installments have been reissued through Definitive Editions. A must for the nostalgic and all those passionate about historical strategy, as well as the final prelude to the fourth numbered installment .

Anno 1800

  • Company: Ubisoft
  • We recommend: I have been in Anno 1800 for a hundred hours, but Tierra de Leones has managed to hook me to add another 100 more
  • When done right, strategy and city-building games can be terribly addictive, but Anno 1800 is on another level: each new expansion and batch of content is synonymous with hundreds of hours of gameplay ahead of the PC.


  • Company: Harebrained Schemes
  • We recommend: The 23 best strategy games for PC
  • BattleTech is a resounding bet on large-scale turn-based strategy, and without subtleties. After succeeding on Kickstarter by financing itself in less than an hour , Harebrained Schemes proposes robotic battles in which everything counts: the type of terrain, the type of weapons we have and even the type of maintenance we do on our BattleMechs.

Black Mesa

  • Company: Crowbar Collective
  • We recommend: All the times (or not) that the Internet has confirmed Half Life 3
  • In the absence of a long-awaited third installment, in 2020 there were two new forays into the Half Life universe. The first one, made by fans with the support of Valve, is a reimagining of the game that started the phenomenon. The perfect excuse to rediscover the classic . Of the second, by the way, we will talk a little more below.

Crusader Kings III

  • Company: Paradox Development Studio
  • We recommend: Analysis of Crusader Kings III: the art of rewriting medieval history (until turning it into a novel by George RR Martin)
  • Strategy and classic role go hand in hand in a historical experience that will have us absorbed for generations, literally: the court and military decisions we make as a powerful ruler of the Middle Ages will affect the heir that we will control. The plan: create the largest and most powerful dynasty in the world and rewrite history in the process.

Dota 2

  • Company: Valve
  • We recommend: Nine video game mods that became millionaire licenses
  • Almost a decade after its release, Dota 2 is one of the most popular and successful games on Steam and eSports. Competitive, fun and constantly evolving. A millionaire license that, curiously, was born as a Warcraft III mod.

Escape from Tarkov

  • Company: Battlestate Games
  • We recommend: 13 things I would have liked to know before starting to play Escape from Tarkov
  • More than a first-person shooter, Escape from Tarkov is a veritable medley of genres that especially rewards the most skilled players. An FPS with survival overtones and RPG elements that takes place in an MMO. And, at the same time, the perfect excuse to get a quality mouse and keyboard.

Europa Universalis IV

  • Company: Paradox Development Studio
  • We recommend: ‘Europa Universalis IV’: an Austria always pays its debts
  • Europa Universalis IV retains all the charm of board games and takes it to the next level. Our goal is, in essence, to govern a nation of our choosing and carry it from the Renaissance to the Revolution. A classic that continues to expand and that we will continue to talk about for years.

EVE Online

  • Company: CCP Games
  • We recommend: The EVE Online community lights up the galaxy to remember Stephen Hawking and the result is wonderful
  • EVE Online is one of the greatest exponents of MMO-based planetary strategy and management. However, the best thing is its own community of players, which has generated events such as the World War Bee , the Fountain War or the Battle of Asakai . An entire experience.

Garry’s Mod

  • Company: Facepunch Studios
  • We recommend: Trailer of the movie Source Code by Garry’s Mod for ‘Half-Life 2’. Some popcorn?
  • Garry’s Mod is the Sandbox experience in its purest form . You are given tools and complete freedom to do what you can think of. Without objectives or purposes. And yet there are so many things to do in it that it is impossible to get bored.

Guild Wars 2

  • Company: ArenaNet, NCSoft
  • We recommend: If you cheat in Guild Wars 2, your character pays for it with humiliation and death
  • There are many essential MMORPGs on PC, and Guild Wars 2 is among the most celebrated. Her epic fantasy and role-playing experience is complemented by an ambitious setting. To which we must add a combat system that, in addition, suits its player versus player modes perfectly. Better than WOW ? Well, it has the added advantage that there is no subscription fee.

Half-Life: Alyx

  • Company: Valve
  • We recommend: Half-Life: Alyx, everything we know about the next chapter of Half-Life and how Valve wants to lead the virtual reality revolution
  • Valve wrapped up its virtual reality proposal with Half-Life: Alyx, one of the maximum experiences of the format that, at the same time, represents the much-anticipated return of a cult saga. The best thing is not its masterful way of taking advantage of virtual reality, but the creative freedom it offers, mods included.


  • Company: Motorsport Simulations
  • We recommend: Steering wheels for PC and consoles: which one is better to buy? Tips and recommendations
  • Driving enthusiasts and driving purists go for the PC for many reasons. Mainly, because of the wide variety of experiences , but also because no alternative offers visual and playable realism. Proof of this is the acclaimed iRacing.

League of Legends

  • Company: Riot Games
  • We recommend: I just started playing League of Legends and this has been my experience
  • This game can’t be excluded from the list of best exclusive games list as it is one of the popular game. Riot’s well-known MOBA refuses to lose steam: LOL continues to add Champions and players at amazing speeds, becoming one of the greatest ambassadors of the competitive scene and, at the same time, turning its characters into true icons of the video game.

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

  • Company: Piranha Games
  • We recommend: The best Game Pass games for Xbox and PC
  • If with BattleTech we immerse ourselves in the universe of MechWarrior from a tactical point of view, Piranha Games allows us to approach it from the very cockpit of these metal colossi: we will be able to generate almost unlimited chaos and destruction at the controls of the powerful BattleMechs.

Star citizen

  • Company: Cloud Imperium Games
  • We recommend: The 17 most expensive blockbusters in the history of video games
  • We don’t know if we’ll ever see the final version of Star Citizen , but what its Early Access version offers is by far the most ambitious space experience ever made in a video game. A project, by the way, of more than 300 million dollars.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • Company: EA / BioWare
  • We recommend: Seven years later, this is how EA is using the Star Wars license
  • This game is in our best exclusive games list since it is loved by everyone. After leaving us impressed with KOTOR, BioWare returned to the galactic saga through the big door with Star Wars: The Old Republic , a colossal MMORPG that has not stopped expanding for almost a decade. In its day, the most expensive game ever produced by EA.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

  • Company: Blizzard
  • We recommend: Analysis of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, the perfect closing for a memorable trilogy
  • The sequel to StarCraft has everything a real-time strategy fan could want: a masterful balance of features, competitive gameplay, the Blizzard touch for finishes, and, for a couple of years, the claim to be free. to-play.

Tabletop Simulator

  • Company: Berserk Games
  • We recommend: 13 essential board games that are also in video game format
  • Tabletop Simulator is a terribly ambitious editor of traditional board games on PC with which to unleash our creativity. And the thing does not end there, and its proposal is rounded off with its sensational support for mods and virtual reality.

Total War: Warhammer I and II

  • Company: SEGA / The Creative Assembly
  • We recommend: Total WAR: WARHAMMER II review: much more than a sequel, a New World!
  • Creative Assembly brought the Games Workshop license to its territory creating a 100% Warhammer and 100% Total War experience divided into two titles that, instead of overlapping, complement each other in races, settings and content. What’s more, the two copies are the key to a joint campaign.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

  • Company: SEGA / The Creative Assembly
  • We recommend: Analysis of Total War: Three Kingdoms: mixing the tremendous battles of Total War with the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is the best thing that has happened to the saga
  • Total War: Three Kingdoms is a very exceptional installment within the Creative Assembly saga: in addition to the traditional strategy experience, we are given the alternative of approaching the campaign inspired by the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. A new perspective on the playable and a very successful change for the player. Every gamer may have played this best exclusive games series.

Total War: Shogun 2

  • Company: SEGA / The Creative Assembly
  • We recommend: Seven tips from the Art of War that will help you improve in strategy games
  • Almost a decade after its launch, the fifth installment in the Total War series remains a must-have within the strategy. The key? Total War: Shogun 2’s highly successful setting in 16th century Japan fits like a glove to the series’ formula.


  • Company: Ubisoft
  • We recommend: Trackmania analysis: the classic, spectacular and limitless driving experience that the genre needed
  • Trackmania makes driving fun . With free and paid options, the game proposes us to compete in crazy and challenging seasonal circuits. And if we feel inspired, we can also dare with its very complete editor or try to overcome the tracks created by the community of players.


  • Company: Riot
  • We recommend: Valorant analysis: a game capable of transforming frustration alone into a hilarious party with friends
  • In a genre as saturated as first-person shooters, Valorant burst by putting all the meat on the grill: Call of Duty gunplay , the Overwatch team experience and a competitive feeling that shows that the creators of LOL are behind the project. .

Warcraft III

  • Company: Blizzard
  • We recommend: Warcraft III Reforged: the good, the bad and the ugly of the game worst rated by users in Metacritic
  • Warcraft III is a timeless classic falls under best exclusive games. A real-time strategy experience that is enjoyed almost as well today as it was almost two decades ago. Featuring a glorious campaign and infinite replayability multiplayer . And despite the fact that its Reforjada version came wrapped in negative and controversial reviews, it is still a great game.

World of Warcraft

  • Company: Blizzard
  • We recommend: The 19 most surreal and amazing things that have happened in World of Warcraft in its 15 years of life
  • It wasn’t the first, but all MMORPGs – regardless of system or theme – are compared to World of Warcraft. And it doesn’t look like that’s going to change. Blizzard’s fantasy universe is one of the greatest exponents of the PC gaming experience . A world of magic and sword that, over time, divided ours: are you from the Alliance or the Horde?

Above are some of the most played games and loved by millions of users. We have listed them on our best exclusive games list. Comment below if you have something to say regarding the list.

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