Xbox Game Pass exclusive hitting PS5 games

Xbox game pass exclusive
Xbox Game Pass

The PS5 may have more exclusive games than that of Xbox games, but do you know what it doesn’t have? Game Pass. Microsoft’s Xbox subscription service, that ‘Netflix of video games’, has been reinforced to become such a powerful argument (or more) to choose the Microsoft console.

The last of those reinforcements we have known today : the entire EA Play catalog will now be available in Game Pass Ultimate , which will allow subscribers of the latter to access games such as’ FIFA 20 ‘,’ Titanfall 2 ‘,’ Star Wars : Battlefront 2 ‘or franchises like’ Battlefield ‘or’ Mass Effect ‘. There may not be (so many) exclusives on the Xbox, but for games, that is not. And Microsoft has another trick up its sleeve.

Exclusives don’t matter (that much)

Matt Booty, one of the directors of Xbox Game Studios, indicated in early 2020 that ” there will be no exclusive games for Xbox Series X, at least in one or two years .” It is not known what other studies will do, but the mentality of those responsible for Microsoft is clear: put the player at the center, not the consoles.

XBox GamePass

Sony will maintain that mentality in which exclusives are a key argument to bet on the future PS5, but in the new Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X the argument is different. There will be no titles that you cannot play on current Xbox One because you do n’t have to : there will be no exclusives, but you will play better and, with ads like this, you will have more titles than ever to choose from.
That means surrendering once again to subscriptions. Many have (we have) already done it in the field of video or music, and services such as Apple Arcade, Google Stadia or Xbox Game Pass are struggling to find a place in our recurring expenses every month as well .

However, Microsoft’s proposal is unique: while other services are growing progressively, in Game Pass there have been more and more notable impulses to make it the benchmark in this field.

Since it was announced in February 2017 we have seen rapid advancement and benefit growth . In January 2018 it was announced that the great titles of Microsoft studios and its partners would also be on the service from day one, but the best would come a year later.

In April 2019, Microsoft announced the arrival of game exclusive like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which combined Xbox games with PC games and with an Xbox Live Gold subscription. The proposal has had an interesting reception, and already in April Microsoft celebrated having reached 10 million users. Those impulses have been consolidated with the availability (albeit temporary) of top-level titles that have given even more value to Microsoft’s proposal. The arrival of ‘ GTA V ‘ or ‘ Red Dead Redemption 2 ‘ were true bombshells that have been consolidated with recent releases such as the acclaimed ‘ Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 ‘.

Xbox Game Pass how to sell consoles (and sell PCs)

Xbox Game Pass Exclusive has more offers than we wished for. The catalog is certainly enviable and next to the titles that come and go are those that we stay forever – on Xbox Live Gold they continue to give away four games a month – and the offers to stay also forever with those that are made available to us in subscription.

Xbox Game Pass Exclusive
Xbox Game Pass Exclusive

The latest boost is undoubtedly one of the most powerful in Game Pass’s short history. That the EA Play catalog is now part of the Game Pass Ultimate catalog at no additional cost to users is a real madness , and although it will not be possible to play from the first day to the great novelties of the EA catalog (such as’ FIFA 21 ‘or’ Star Wars: Squadrons’ ) these will end up arriving sooner or later in that same catalog.

We are therefore facing an avalanche of video games that have turned Game Pass into the true Microsoft console seller. One that will also generate extra benefits for the company – the cost is 12.99 euros per month , although you can try it for one euro the first month – and that is a fundamental pillar for the conquest of all types of players, not only those who they play from the Xbox.

That monthly cost is not low, of course, but of course it can be very profitable if we take into account that the movements are already beginning so that many games no longer cost 60 euros, but 70 .

In fact, Microsoft’s bet is joined by another equally promising: Project xCloud , which will start operating globally on September 15 with more than 100 games that Game Pass Ultimate users can also enjoy at no additional cost. on your Android phones and tablets.

What was said. Equally exclusive, the PS5 is unrivaled, but Game Pass is much Game Pass, and more and more.

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