Killing Floor creators in free fall: Tripwire loses partners after upholding Texas anti-abortion law

Tripwire all agreements are cancelled by shipwright studios,and it is not the only studio to respond to the statements.

On September 2, the United States gave the green light to a controversial ‘anti-abortion law’ in the state of Texas , which has been the subject of protests for limiting women’s freedoms and for its lack of scientific basis. Living up to his company name, John Gibson, the president of Tripwire Interactive , stepped on a metaphorical mine by supporting the law on Twitter, sharing his conservative take on women’s bodies as if it were an act of rebellion. ” Proud of the Supreme Court upholding Texas law […] with so many colleagues speaking from the other side of the matter, I feel it is important to publicly show myself as a pro-life video game developer”, affirms the leader of the creators of Killing Floor .

His message, unfortunately for him, has caused Tripwire Interactive to bleed support all over the place. Within hours of being published, Torn Banner Studios , creators of Chivalry 2 , issued a statement to distance themselves from their words. “We do not share the opinion expressed by the President of Tripwire, editor of Chivalry 2. This perspective is not shared by our team, nor is it reflected in the games we create. His statement runs counter to everything we believe in about women’s rights. “. However, there is another study that has gone further with its answer.

Shipwright Studios , contributors to games like Mortal Shell and Scavengers , have not been content to reject Gibson’s words and have canceled all their existing contracts with the publisher. “Although your political opinions are your thing, the moment you make them a reason for public discussion, you involve all those who work with you and for you,” begins his statement. “We created Shipwright with the idea that it was time to act on our convictions . We cannot continue to work in good faith with Tripwire under its current command structure. We are proceeding with the cancellation of our existing contracts, effective immediately.

Tripwire Interactive partners are not the only ones who have shown their rejection of John Gibson’s message, with creators like Cliff Bleszinski and Cory Barlog also speaking out on the matter. “Fuck, man, really? Are you in favor of this twisted bounty hunting law that brings us closer to a Gildeadnian dystopian religious state?” Says the director of God of War (2018) , referring to the series’ The Tale of the maid’. In addition to prohibiting abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy, a period in which many women still do not know they are pregnant, the law allows any citizen to report all those involved in an abortion that exceeds that period, in exchange for a reward ofup to $ 10,000 .

This includes everything from the doctors and nurses who perform it to the driver who takes the patient to the clinic, in the event that someone takes her in their car. Facts that, fear in the country, will lead to harassment of women who abort in the state. For now, President Joe Biden has harshly condemned the new Texas law, calling it “a devious ploy to outsource enforcement to private groups.” And back to Tripwire Interactive, it seems that for now it has cost them a partner , as well as those with whom it may have collaborated in the future and who are contrary to this law.

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