Take advantage of Nintendo Switch Online offers a 7-day free trial to all users

If you have a Nintendo Switch but have not decided to make a subscription to the online service, this is your opportunity, since the company offers a 7-day free trial so you can try this world of the hybrid console.

In addition to playing in online multiplayer, the Services or you can emulate classic video games from NES and SNES, stored in the cloud and also the ability to communicate with your friends in voice chat application for Nintendo Switch Online.

Something that surprises locals and strangers is that the 7-day free trial is available to all Switch users, so if you have already redeemed this trial you do not have to worry, since you can take it again without problem.

The only prerequisites ro or to take advantage of this is not having any subscription for Nintendo Online Switch active . So you have no excuse to put together the challenges of Smash Bros. with your friends this end of the year.

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