50 Most popular emojis meaning: what does each emoticons mean

Many of internet users don’t know emojis meaning. In recent years, emojis have become a universal language that allows us to communicate emotions through images quickly and easily. But are you using them properly?

The word emoji comes from Japanese and is a combination of the terms e (drawing, image) + moji (character, letter). Shigetaka Kurita was the person who created the first 176 emojis in 1999 for the Japanese mobile communication company NTT Docomo, and was inspired by the manga for its design. Thanks to them, Japanese users greatly streamlined written communication, since their writing is very complex and involves a lot of difficulty.

After the great success of emojis in the Asian country, international companies incorporated them into their devices, and their use spread rapidly worldwide. So much so that nowadays we use them with absolute normality, and it would be difficult to find an instant messaging chat in which emoticons are not used.

And there are many advantages that emojis offer us. On the one hand, they allow us to convey emotions that are difficult to explain in words, and on the other hand they save a lot of time when writing messages on the mobile keyboard. The usefulness of emoticons is supported by science , and a recent study reveals that they help convey the meaning of the message.

Today we can see emojis everywhere and they are a universal language that has been adopted by a large part of the population, both young people and older people. Such is its importance that there is even the World Emoji Day or World Emoji Day, which is celebrated on July 17. This commemorative day was established on this day because it is the date that the Apple calendar smiley shows.

Most popular emojis meaning

Here is a list of the 50 most used emojis worldwide, along with the meaning of each emoticon. Did you know this is what emojis mean, or did you think they meant something else?

emojis meaning

Face emojis

?: Smiley face with laughing tears: This is another of the most popular emojis and is used to show that something is extremely funny. It means “crying with laughter.”

?:  Smiley face with heart eyes: This popular emoticon is used when we want to show that we love something or also to express love.

?: Thinking face: It is another of the most used emojis in the world, and it is used to denote that you are thinking. It can be combined with a sandwich (?) or with a light bulb (?). 

?: Smiley face: How many times a day do you use this emoji on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networks and messaging apps? It is used to express happiness and positive feelings.

?: Screaming  face: This emoticon with an appearance very similar to the painting ´Munch’s Scream´ is used to express fear, fright or an unpleasant surprise. 

?: Face with rolling eyes: In this emoji we see a face that looks up to roll its eyes, and is used to show disdain, contempt or boredom on a subject.

?: Face that sends a kiss: This emoji shows a face sending a kiss, represented by a heart flying out of the mouth. It is used to send love or affection to another person.

?: Crying face: Not to be confused with the crying tears of laughter emoji. In this case it is a sad face that appears crying profusely, and is used to denote defeat, desolation or great sadness. 

Face with a broad smile showing teeth: This emoticon shows a face with a beaming smile and is used to convey great happiness, enthusiasm and pride.

Face that winks: In this emoji, the face winks while smiling. It is used to convey joke, flirtation, or positivity, and its meaning may vary depending on the tone of the conversation.

Smiley face with horns: This time we see a smiling face with horns like a devil. It is used to denote evil or indicate that you are up to something bad.

Face with sunglasses: This popular emoticon shows a smiling face wearing dark sunglasses. It is commonly used to denote triumph or pride, as well as in summer or vacation related conversations.

Wide smile with open eyes: Here we see a face with a smile showing teeth and wide eyes. It is used to convey happiness and personable fun. 

Face showing teeth: This emoji shows us a face that makes a face to show its teeth. It is usually used when an error or an unfavorable situation has arisen and denotes shame. 

Face with open mouth: Here we see a face with an open mouth. It is generally used to convey surprise. 

Dissatisfied face: In this emoticon we see a face that looks to the side with an expression of dissatisfaction. It is used to convey disgust.

Face with hands: It is another of the most popular emojis and shows us a face that includes a pair of open hands. Used to send a hug.

Smiley face with sweat: In this emoji we see a face that smiles with a drop of cold sweat that runs down its forehead. It is used to express nervousness or discomfort.

Sleeping face: This emoticon shows us a face with three Z’s on the forehead, which indicates that it is asleep. It is used to indicate that we are going to sleep, that we are sleepy or that we are bored.

Face that sticks out the tongue: Another of the most used emojis worldwide is the face that sticks out its tongue, which is used to convey joke and joviality. 

Face with halo: Here we have another of the most used emojis. It shows us a face with a halo on the head and represents goodness. It is used to convey that we have done a good deed or that we are good.

? Angry face: Here we see a face flushed with anger with a disgusted expression and a frown. It is used to denote anger, rage, and anger.

Face with zipper in the mouth: This emoji shows a face with a zipper on the mouth, and it means that we will keep a secret. 

? Flushed face with wide eyes: In this emoticon we see a flushed face with wide eyes. It is used to express a combination of stupor, amazement and shame.

Disappointed face: Here we see a face with an expression of sadness and dejection, with a pursed mouth and disappointment in its eyes. It is used to indicate that we are disappointed.

Face of consternation: In this emoticon we see a face with tight eyes and a trembling mouth. Used to express deep dismay.

Hand and gesture emojis

Thumb down: Another of the most used emojis is the thumbs down, which is used to show disagreement or disapproval.

?: Thumb up: This popular emoji is also one of the most used and it is a gesture of approval before what our interlocutor has told us. 

Raised hands: This emoji shows two raised hands and is used to praise, celebrate success and events with a satisfactory result.

? Clenched fist: This emoji shows us a clenched fist and its meaning varies depending on the tone of the conversation. It can be used as an encouragement, a friendly greeting, or to disagree with something the other person has said by giving them a figurative punch.

? Shaking hand: Here we see a waving hand, and it is commonly used to say hello or goodbye in conversation.

Hands together: In this emoji we see two joined hands, and it means please or thank you in Japanese culture. It can also be used to implore or pray.

Arm showing the biceps: Here we have another of the most popular emojis, which is used to convey a feeling of strength, and it also means exercise.

Clapping hands: The clap emoji is used to show approval or to congratulate someone on a good result.

Hand with  Ok gesture: Here we see a universal gesture that means that you are okay, that you agree or that everything is correct. 

People emojis

Person who makes an X with his arms: This emoji shows us a person who forms an X with his arms and is used to deny something.

Person with hand to face: In another of the most popular emojis we see a person who puts the palm of his hand to his face. It is used to show frustration or shame at the ineptitude of another person or a situation.

Person who runs: Another of the most used emojis shows us a person running, and is usually used to indicate that we are going somewhere quickly or in a hurry, although its meaning may vary depending on the conversation.

Dancing man: Here we see a man who dances disco music. It is used to convey fun, party, desire to dance or go out, as well as success or celebration.

? People who kiss: This emoticon shows us two people who are kissing and is used to send love or affection to another person.

Flamenco: Flamenco is another of the most famous emojis and is used to show party, joy and merriment.

Person with raised hand: This emoticon shows us a person who raises his hand and is used to ask a question or answer, to attract attention or to indicate that you are signing up for a plan.

?: Person shrugging: This emoji is used to indicate lack of knowledge on a particular topic. 

Object emojis

❤️: Red heart: This is the classic heart-shaped emoji, which is used to show love to the person to whom it is sent.

Heart with arrow: This emoji shows us a heart pierced by an arrow, and is used to show infatuation.

Confetti and streamers: This emoji is used to convey party or celebration messages.

Broken heart: Here we find a heart broken in two. It is used to represent heartbreak pain. 

? Glowing heart: Here we see a heart with stars around it, and it is used to show a combination of love or affection and illusion.

?: Fire: The flame-shaped emoticon is one of the most used by users and is used for something that is fashionable or a hot topic. 

Smiling poop: The popular WhatsApp smiling poop is another of the most used emojis. It is used to indicate that we do not like something, although its meaning may vary depending on the tone of the conversation. 

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