Super Mario Kart with circuit editor: discover many discarded features in a prototype

Almost 29 years have passed since Super Mario Kart, the first title of the franchise that today is among the most successful of Nintendo. With more than 41 million units sold worldwide of its latest installment; Mario Kart 8, we learned that it had managed to establish itself as the best-selling racing game in the history of the United States.

With this success, it is not surprising that each time you keep trying to find out more about the saga and the installment that started the success.It has a complete circuit creatorThe latest news about this first installment comes from the hands of modder MrL314, who has spent the last year trying to repair a prototype version of the Super Nintendo title dated November 1991, nine months before its original premiere in Japan.

The modder has shared on his Twitter account how he has repaired the prototype in addition to the original files and the many curiosities that this version included.

Without a doubt the most striking feature of this prototype is that it has a complete circuit creator. Although it could be thought that this feature was included as one more game mode, it was apparently a tool for those programmers who worked on the development of the game. Although we have also been able to find other characteristics that could have been discarded ideas.

Super Mario kart
Super Mario kart

Could it be a feature that Nintendo includes in the next installment?

The prototype included a sidebar with the faces of the characters in which you could see the change of position in real time, different cameras including an overhead very similar to the one we would see later in Mario Kart DS, very different versions of some classic maps , in addition to some 3D elements that were finally discarded.

The battle mode was also found as originally conceived, with projectiles instead of random elements of the career mode. This game mode was already named by the developers themselves in an interview in 1992.

In an interview, the modder has recounted how he got the prototype to work, sharing the instructions so that anyone can do it. These discoveries tell us about how the industry worked at the beginning of the 90s and allow us to see what were some of the tools with which they worked on titles that today are a legend.

We know that some of you have imagined from the beginning what a new installment of Mario Kart with a circuit creator would be like, could it be a feature that Nintendo includes in the next installment?

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