The 15 best free games for Nintendo Switch

Beyond the numerous playable demos available on the Nintendo eShop, we can find a wide catalog of best free games for Nintendo Switch that we can play without limitation and at no cost, being able to even enjoy its online modes with other players without the need to be subscribed to the Switch Online service.

That is why we wanted to make a small compilation with some of the most interesting titles, trying to cover as many genres as possible, offering you a way to get the most out of the console without having to pay a single dollar.

Thus, we will start with the free games for Nintendo Switch exclusive to the portable console, among which we will find some of the company’s best-known licenses as well as new IPs, and some titles that aim to remain active even after the future arrival of the new Switch Pro.

Best free games for Nintendo switch


At a point halfway between Splatoon and Super Smash Bros., Nintendo now surprises us with this multiplayer fighting game in which we will take on the role of young ninjas, each with their own abilities and special powers. And it is that in addition to the great graphic similarity, one of its greatest strengths is the great adaptation of violence for the younger public, replacing weapons with foam rubber sticks and huge gum balls.

Super Kirby Clash

The adorable pink ball returns with a new cooperative adventure for up to four players, in which we must defeat all kinds of enemies and fearsome bosses, combining the special abilities of four different classes, and a variety of weapons, armor and other resources that we will be able to improve after each fight.

Pokémon Quest

A title based on the touch system of the Nintendo laptop, until now quite wasted. This game allows us to create and direct our own squad, made up of up to 3 Pokémon, which will be shaped like a cube (in the purest Minecraft graphic style). Exploring a new region, Tumblecube Island, we will face different wild Pokémon to accumulate treasures and experience.

It is a very basic RPG in which we will receive experience when fighting against enemies, and we will be able to improve our Pokémons until they evolve. Pokémon Quest also has a stone system that will allow us to play with the power and characteristics of our companions, creating our own style of play. In addition, each one will have their own combat style, focused on melee or ranged, giving us greater versatility when creating our ideal squad, in addition to their already known special attributes.

Pokémon Café Mix

A puzzle game whose main mechanics is based on cooking dishes, from coffees to cakes, passing through other more complex ones, for the customers of our Pokémon establishment. The process is based on using the touch screen) to join Pokémon icons and move them in a limited number of movements, and thus complete the different puzzles that are being posed.

On the other hand, the Nintendo Switch also has a good number of free titles compatible with other platforms, many of them even with the possibility of cross-platform play, which will allow us to play with anyone who does not have a portable console.

Apex legends

One of the most recent additions to the roster of Nintendo’s portable console, the successful battle royale that was originally conceived as a small spin-off of Titanfall and that soon carved out its own personality and audience, will finally make its landing together with a total crossover play between platforms.


Do you like Fortnite but are not good at constructions? Are you more of classic fantasy than firearms? Well, you’re in luck, since this game will combine the best of the fashionable battle royale with the change of setting to a medieval fantasy world where we will replace the weapons with different types of elemental magic, which we can use in combination with our squadmate, creating all kinds of phenomena. Personally, one of the most interesting free games for Nintendo Switch to discover.

Rogue company

A game of third-person shooter and tactical action, with a concept quite similar to that of titles like Counter-Strike, in which two teams of up to four people will face each other in different rounds with objectives such as eliminating the opposing team, dominance of zones, or other special missions. However, in this game we will have the addition of different elite agents, each with their own weapons and abilities, giving them an additional tactical factor.

In addition, we will have game and progression crossed with the rest of the platforms, also available on PC (exclusive to Epic Games).

World of Tanks Blitz

Little can be said about this title of tactical action with tanks that is not already known, and that is that it is one of the best-known free-to-play in recent years, still enjoying a large number of players. Although it is a variant limited to battles that face two teams of seven players each, with a repertoire of more than 300 armored vehicles from World War II.


Another great classic that could not be missing in our free games for Nintendo Switch. The updates it has received, both at a technical and content level, have maintained it as one of the best cooperative action role-playing games that we can find right now under the free-to-play model. Its possibilities, both in terms of content and community and at the playable level, are so enormous that if you start right now you will have months of adventure and fun ahead of you.


After its great success on PC, Hi Rez Studios was encouraged to also launch its latest major project on consoles. This is Paladins: Champions of the Realms, a multiplayer action game that puts players to control heroes to form teams and fight each other in settings with colorful aesthetics and a first-person perspective.


One of the most veteran and successful MOBAs of the genre, with a long history in eSports that has made its formula very polished and contains a multitude of content, to offer a truly complete free-to-play. From a third-person perspective we embody the role of a mythological god and we make him fight in scenarios, using powers and tactics against other players and their armies.


If the recent release of Monster Hunter Rise has made you regain some of that excitement for monster hunting and exploration games, you can’t miss this title. And it also has cross-play with PS4, Xbox One and PC (exclusive to Epic Games), with cross-progress that will allow us to continue our game from any of the platforms at any time.


One of the few MMOs available among free games for Nintendo Switch, known for its great success on mobile devices, which will lead us to embody and unlock the power of the Immortals to defend the planet Aelion, instantly switching between the 18 unique classes to fight against the invaders beyond the stars.


A 2D fighting game with touches of platforming and humor, where players fight for glory in the corridors of Valhalla, with a repertoire of up to 40 unique characters (with crazy collaborations from other classic Ubisoft sagas) and a few game modes. game for a player, cooperative, as well as competitive online and local modes.

Asphalt 9: Legends

The award-winning racing game comes to Nintendo’s laptop with its entire repertoire of supercars from high-end manufacturers such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini or W Motors, among others, with which we can compete through numerous locations around the world.

Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Best free games for Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch games

Finally, as an extra mention in this list of free games for Nintendo Switch, we cannot fail to highlight the emulators of these two classic consoles of the company, which give us access to almost 40 games of the classic Nintendo 8-bit console such as Super Mario Bros. 3, The Legend of Zelda, Dr. Mario and Donkey Kong, among others; and a wide assortment of games from the legendary 16-bit console, with unforgettable titles such as Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid or Star Fox.

Thus, the great differentiation of these programs is that, although access to these games will be completely free, in this case it will depend on our being subscribers to the Nintendo Switch Online payment service.

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