Street Fighter V update has got sound change in it’s latest patch

This is most likely due to a bug, but it appears that Capcom’s latest patch for Street Fighter V has created a serious problem for a section of their community.

Street Fighter V update 3.05 introduced the fighter Dan Hibiki and included several modifications, one of them being related to sound. Specifically, the audio has been changed from stereo to mono, which has made it impossible for blind players to play the title.

This is because stereo sound is essential for people who have no vision, since they can track the movements and position of the opponent if the audio is transmitted through two different channels. That is, if Ryu moves to the right, that sound will be transmitted through the right side of the headphones. Unfortunately, with audio in mono mode, this difference does not exist and renders it useless as a guide for players.

Street fighter v update

A blind gamer on the competitive scene, BlindWarriorSven, has shown on Twitter his discomfort about this situation. Also the user Yawniechan has shared his concern about the change introduced in the last patch.

BettyDots, a member of the FGC (Fighting Game Community), has also joined these complaints and urged the Japanese company to correct the error as soon as possible.

The truth, as we said at the beginning, is that everything is an error during the publication of the patch, since in the official notes there was no mention of any change in this regard with the sound.

Luckily, everything seems to be coming to fruition. This coming week, Capcom will release a new patch to fix this problem in Street Fighter V update. By the way, they will fix other errors related to the title.

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