The creators of Doom and Quake would be working on a new triple-A fantasy and science fiction FPS

Id Software is one of the most legendary studios in the industry, with franchises like Doom, which has managed to overcome the passage of time with a renewed gameplay but that continues to maintain all the essence of the saga: frenetic action, polished gameplay and powerful soundtrack have served so that his most current deliveries, such as Doom Eternal, continue to be an essential in the genre.

The studio already seems to be preparing for its next project and VGA has echoed some job offers that give us clues about the style of play we can expect. The various required positions refer to triple-A quality fantasy and science fiction landscapes and settings, an artistic style that is repeated in the different qualities desired for the positions.

ZeniMax has presented its offer to id Software referring to the new project as an “iconic long-distance FPS action game”. When it comes to id Software, the project description points to Doom or Quake. It should be remembered that the Quake saga has recently returned with the remastering of the 1996 classic , along with the premiere of Quake 2 and Quake 3 Arena on Xbox Game Pass.

This same month, after the release of the Quake remaster on PC, PS4 , Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, the legendary first-person shooter received a free update for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, reaching 4K as its maximum resolution. and a generous 120 FPS . The update also featured features for the DualSense adaptive triggers and the Xbox Play Anyware tag on Xbox.

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