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amazon anywhere

Amazon is not satisfied with being present solely from its own e-commerce platform and has begun to expand to third-party products and services with the arrival of Amazon Anywhere, the new service that will allow it to be present in other virtual environments.

The idea is that users can, from virtual worlds, mobile applications and games, be able to discover a series of products for sale in the Amazon marketplace to purchase them without leaving them.

Peridot, the first game to integrate purchases with Amazon Anywhere

Amazon Anywhere makes its first stop at Peridot, the new augmented reality game developed by Niantic, creators of the popular Pokemon Go, which consists of encouraging users to take care of the curious virtual pets that they will find available in different locations in the real world.

amazon anywhere

The integration will allow users to also have access to an in-game physical merchandise store to purchase Peridot-branded items, including t-shirts, mobile accessories, and more.

It is necessary to link the Amazon account with the game user account

For this to be possible, users have to link their Amazon accounts with Peridot’s to give them access to the products for sale through the virtual store integrated into the game. As in Amazon, in the game they will also have access to a series of details and options with which to carry out their purchases.

Once the desired product has been found, they will only have to press the “buy” button to take them to make the payment through the use of their Amazon accounts that they have linked, all from the game itself.

Like purchases made directly on the Amazon platform, orders placed within the game can also be tracked and managed through the official Amazon application, using the same tools.

Amazon says that:

Most purchases in virtual worlds are currently limited to purchases of virtual currency and digital in-game items, with no easy path to purchasing physical goods. We want to change that.

Holding hands with creators and developers

Interesting statements that open the doors for shopping experiences to continue expanding to other mobile applications and games that want to.

In this regard, they open their hand to any creator or developer of virtual worlds, mobile applications and games to be able to make a selection of products available on Amazon, even from a single brand, to offer the possibility of buying them to their visitors from their own development. .

Those interested in integrating Amazon Anywhere are made to go through this website so they can obtain more information. This will make the classic affiliate links obsolete in favor of virtual worlds.

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